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Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings
The mission of this group is to seek out any man-made animal bridges and crossings that aid various wildlife in getting from point A to point B. We are particularly looking for earth bridges over highways and roads, bodies of water, as well as tunnels and corridors under highways and roads.
Expanded Description:
Animals Need Infrastructure Too

Highways are dangerous barriers for all sorts of wildlife. Around the world, bridges and tunnels just for animals make it easier for them to migrate, mate, eat, and survive.

Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings provide a safe passage across dangerous highways, restricted waterways, urban and other inhabited areas. Some could include: crossings for crabs, salamanders, rodents, penguins, alligators, reptiles, amphibians, elephants, domestic animals such as cattle and horses, and a wide range of wildlife such as: buffalo, wolves, deer, moose, elk, bears, panthers, lions, and endangered species.

Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings will accept only currently active man-made structures that provide a safe and unimpeded crossing for any type of animal species, amphibians or reptiles. These structures could include: bridges, suspension rope bridges, tunnels, channels, climbing walls or other similar man-made structures.

Excluded are multi-use man-made structures that are used for animals and humans. Example: pedestrian trails and/or bridges which may allow any type of human transportation.

Excluded are animal crossings that are in any place of business. Examples: zoos, petting zoos, wildlife or aquatic parks, aquariums and others. These include admittance that require a paid admission or are free.

Proximity limitation for multiple animal crossings: If two or more crossings are less than 1/10 (.1) mile apart the group is to be posted as one waymark. If any two crossings are greater than 1/10 of a mile apart, they are to be posted separately. Equivalency: 1/10 (.1) mile = 528 feet or 161 meters.

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Instructions for Posting a Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings Waymark:
Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings category will not accept Fish Ladders, Ancient Traces and Roads or Turtle Crossings unless the turtle crossing is a safe passage either by bridge, tunnel or channel as defined in the category description. (see example graphic above)

Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings must be a permanent man-made structure that is completely functional, currently active and specifically designed for any animal species, amphibians or reptiles which provide a safe crossing or passage that can be viewed from a public location. MT
The submitter must include at least two photographs taken by the submitter, one overview and a close up of the entrance, if possible. If there is a sign, please include this also.
Include at least two sentences describing the location, such as Hwy. name or number, and what type of animal species most likely uses the crossing or tunnel. Also include whether it is safe to park near the animal crossing, if not include parking coordinates as a variable.
If you witnessed any animal using the structure, please indicate.
English is the primary language and is required, however multilingual submissions are encouraged.
The submitter must personally obtain GPS coordinates.
Be cautious! Some animals are dangerous.

Naming requirement: NO tilde (~) or double hyphens (--) are allowed in the title.

Abbreviations are acceptable for state or province.

To name your new Waymark: Reference type of structure and if it is intended for a specific species.

Example: Wildlife Bridge - Banff, Alberta
Example: Salamander Tunnel - Amherst, MA
Example: Squirrel Bridge - Longview, WA

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Enjoy your visit, tell your story and post a picture.
Category Settings:
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  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
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  • Type of Passage
  • If 'Other' please list type of passage used
  • Website for more information
  • Parking Coordinates
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Image for Ecoduct de Borkeld - Markelo - the Netherlandsview gallery

here0 km

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Man-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsEcoduct de Borkeld - Markelo - the Netherlands

in Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings

In 2003 this ecoduct was built over the A1 motorway. This is the motorway that connects Amsterdam and Moscow.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member eilers1

location: Overijssel, Netherlands

date approved: 12/10/2018

last visited: 5/10/2019

Image for Ecopassage in de Doorbraak - Almelo, Netherlandsview gallery

EE11.4 km

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Man-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsEcopassage in de Doorbraak - Almelo, Netherlands

in Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings

Crossing made for animals in the Doorbraak, near Almelo.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member tofixe

location: Overijssel, Netherlands

date approved: 10/6/2018

last visited: never

Image for Small Animals Tunnel - Klarenbeek (NL)view gallery

WW36.4 km

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Man-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsSmall Animals Tunnel - Klarenbeek (NL)

in Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings

Artificial tunnel under the highway A50 to allow movement of small animals.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Axel-F

location: Gelderland, Netherlands

date approved: 9/18/2018

last visited: 11/1/2019

Image for Grünbrücke L284 - Köln, Germanyview gallery

SS158.2 km

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Man-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsGrünbrücke L284 - Köln, Germany

in Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings

DE: Diese Grünbrücke verbindet die beiden Naturschutzgebiete Wahner Heide und Königsforst. EN: This wildlife bridge connects the two nature reserves Wahner Heide and Königsforst.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Narayan,

location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

date approved: 3/27/2019

last visited: 3/30/2019

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