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Pacific Crest Trail
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The Pacific Crest Trail is a National Scenic Trail that runs from Mexico in the south, to the U.S. in the middle, to Canada in the north. Overall, it goes though three countries and five states/providences including Baja California, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Colombia. It runs 2,663 miles from north to south. The Pacific Crest Trail is for anyone who wants to see what the west has offers.
Expanded Description:
The Pacific Crest Trail signage... (see pictures below)
IMG 1568

...marks the trail in case of snow covering the trail and makes it easier to spot. Many people have completed the extremely challenging journey of hiking the entire 2,663 miles of trail. You get a patch if you complete the trail and it usually takes about three months, but can take longer or shorter depending on the hiker's endurance. Less than 10% of hikers actually hike the whole trail from Mexico to Canada. The trail also has to offer some of the most beautiful places to hike in the country (see pictures). IMG 1580 IMG 1614 In some places there you will be covered in dense forest and a mile later, you will be above the tree line. The Pacific Crest Trail is something that people should do at least once in their life. It is a great experience and is truly pure Pacific.
Instructions for Posting a Pacific Crest Trail Waymark:
To post a new waymark in this category you will need to see if the item you are waymark is eligible for approval. The following is a list the category managers will approve/deny. If you don't see the item you are waymarking on this list, or feels like it should be accepted, submit it anyways. We will decide if it belongs using our best judgment. Category officers have the right to decline any submission they feel is inadequate, even if they reason is not a specific guideline.


- Trail Heads

- Roadside Crossings

- Markers/Plaques Along The Pacific Crest Trail

- Makers/plaque away from the Pacific Crest Trail (Must Have Direct Reference to the Trail or Signage of the Trail)

- Superlatives Along the Trail

- Scenic Lookouts (Designated or Not)

- Beginning or End Points of the Trail

- Campgrounds Along the Trail

- People Who Helped build the Trail or Maintained it (Must be a Place/Thing Dedicated to Them or Grave)

- OR Anything You Think is Worth Pointing Out That is Not Included in the List Below


- Specific Parts Of The Trail

- Trail Signage By Itself Along The Trail


You must have at least two pictures of the item you are waymarking. If it is a plaque then one close up picture and one of the area is required. In at least ONE of your pictures there should be signage of the item you are waymarking directly referring it to the Pacific Crest Trail. If not then if it can be found online, please put the URL address in the correct box below.

Write Up

For the quick description please write the location of where the waymark is. What mile is it along the trail? Elevation? Direction? ect.

For the long description please write what you will need in order to get here. How long will it take from which trail head? Also make sure to provide the item you are waymarking, so it does not get confused with others.

GPS Coordinates

Please obtain accurate GPS coordinates. We know tree cover is a factor, but do the best you can. Please note that your waymark will not be approved unless the coordinates for this waymark are along the Pacific Crest Trail EXCEPT there is something outside the trail that has a direct relationship to the trail. Such as a memorial, or a museum.

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To log a find on this waymark, you must take a photo of the site and post it with your log. Also please explain what you thought of it.
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