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Intermarche Stores
Les Mousquetaires is a privately owned retailing symbol group based in France and operating internationally. It operates several different brands for different retail segments, which are mostly suffixed by the term "marché" (French for market). The stores are independent businesses, but they are supplied with products and central services by Les Mousquetaires group.
Expanded Description:
We want to waymark Intermarche stores or affiliates (Intermarche, Ecomarche, Netto, InterEx). Intermarche is a supermarket chain specialized in fresh products at lower prices.

There you can accumulate money on a card and use it to pay your shops.

Many times you can find Bricomarche (bricolage services), Roady (Mechanics services), fuel and car washing services.

There are Intermarche stores or affiliates in: Portugal
Bosnia and Herzgovina

Last four with InterEx insignia
There are about 2300 stores in Europe

Instructions for Posting a Intermarche Stores Waymark:
Take a photo of the general area and other of the main entrance with the sign of Intermarche.

Name waypoint like Intermarche - City, (State/Province/Territory/etc.) - Country

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Take a photo of the main entrance of the Intermarche at the front with or without your GPSr.
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