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Silhouette Public Art Sculptures
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This category is for the style of sculpture that is generally cut from a sheet of metal (or other substance) or uses bars or pipe to interpret the artist's sculpture. This also includes art pieces that are made of words, regardless of language, which are silhouette by design. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.
Expanded Description:

This category is for a sculpture that is generally a silhouette, that is, only has shape when viewed from one or two angles instead of full dimensionality as is found in Figurative Public Sculpture. A Silhouette Sculpture is commonly viewed from the front or rear; a side or top view would only reveal the thickness of the medium (usually metal). Flat sculptures of metal or similar material that are embedded into concrete (or similar material) will also be allowed if they do not fit into another more appropriate category. Also, the silhouette sculpture may be made from round tubing; if the artist's final sculpture is basically flat, that is acceptable. The sculpture may be left in its natural state or painted or finished in another manner. These sculptures must be a public art piece; not an advertising figure or humorous lawn-ornament or holiday decoration(s).

Added August 14, 2012: Silhouette will also accept art pieces that are text (see example below).

The piece must be on permanent display; not a temporary exhibit. A sculpture in an airport (or any other secured location) that is within the secure area would not fit this category as only people with tickets would be able to view the sculpture.

Instructions for Posting a Silhouette Public Art Sculptures Waymark:

Silhouette Sculpture is becoming more common as artists explore ways to interpret their creations in silhouette and as a cost-saving measure for public art purchases. Art created from sheets of steel is the most common form, but pieces cut from 'sheets' of stone and glass would also fit in this category. Other material includes tubing, rods or other 'flat' materials.

Pieces may be outdoors or indoors, but must be free to the public. If indoors, there must be generous hours to visit the piece. Please include visiting hours.

Examples of Silhouette Sculpture include:

- WM9ZH1 Kokopelli - Scottsdale, AZ
- WM9ZF7 Parade Formation - Durango, CO
- WM9YQA Showdown in Old Town - San Diego, CA
- WM73TB The Offering - Tempe, AZ
- WMB76C Rideau Carleton Raceway Horse - Ottawa, Ontario
- WMCC50 The Iron Horse - San Ramon, California
- WMEZXC R U N - London 2012 Olympic Park, Stratford, London, UK

Exclusions: The Silhouette Sculpture category is for public artworks; it is not to include 'lawn-style', often humorous, cut-outs commonly of plywood. Any sculpture that would fit into Figurative Public Sculpture, Abstract Public Sculptures, Relief Art Sculptures, Kinetic Sculptures and Art, Smokey Bear or other sculpture/statue category should be posted there. Decisions of the Officers are final.

The Silhouette Sculptures that have already been approved in Figurative Public Sculpture may be left in that category. If you want to move them to this new category, please archive them from Figurative Public Sculpture as to reduce confusion as to why a piece was allowed, then not allowed in Figurative. If a different Waymarker posts a piece that was previously approved in Figurative Public Sculpture, then the piece will be in both categories.

Instructions for Posting a Silhouette Sculpture Waymark:

1. The piece must be a public art silhouette-style sculpture.

2. Provide accurate coordinates you have personally obtained.

3. Minimum of two photos that you have personally taken that show the piece as best one can. Close-ups really add to the Waymark and often two photos are not enough. Make sure your photos show this is a silhouette-style sculpture. You are strongly encouraged to upload as many photographs to really ‘show off’ the piece. If a plaque is available with the title, artist, date, etc., upload this photograph, too! Do not include your GPSr or yourself in the default Waymark photo. No time-date stamp on the photos. An appropriate time to include people is to show scale.

4. Naming requirement: Title of Piece (or unknown if not known) - City, State/Province/Country (whichever is appropriate). Example: Bison Herd - Denver, CO

5. In the "Long Description" field, include a brief description of the piece. Try to find out a bit of information about the piece and artist. Please cite your sources. The bulk of the text in the long description must be left black. If the post is not in English, it would be very nice to have an English translation.

6. Identify the material/media used to construct the piece as well any unique features about the piece.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

Enjoy taking your photos from varying angles to really show off the beauty of the piece. Please include your impressions of the piece.

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Image for La statue  Henri Merle- Salin de Giraud- Bouches du Rhône- PACA- Franceview gallery

EE49.9 km

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Silhouette Public Art SculpturesLa statue Henri Merle- Salin de Giraud- Bouches du Rhône- PACA- France

in Silhouette Public Art Sculptures

La statue Henri Merle de Salin de Giraud.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member SISABIEL

location: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

date approved: 11/24/2017

last visited: never

Image for Les spéléologues - Saint Christol, Franceview gallery

NENE122.1 km

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Silhouette Public Art SculpturesLes spéléologues - Saint Christol, France

in Silhouette Public Art Sculptures

Des spéléologues en silhouettes sur le rond point de l'entrée du village

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member YvesProvence

location: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

date approved: 12/23/2019

last visited: never

Image for Boat Frame - Llançà, Spainview gallery

SWSW151.9 km

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Silhouette Public Art SculpturesBoat Frame - Llançà, Spain

in Silhouette Public Art Sculptures

This sculpture is made up of the bare bones of a fishing boat.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member dtrebilc

location: Cataluña, Spain

date approved: 9/28/2014

last visited: never

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