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Albert Kahn, Architect
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Albert Kahn was considered the "Architect of Detroit" and created many of the most breathtaking buildings during the glory days of Detroit. Henry Ford and other automakers commissioned Kahn to create over 1000 major buildings, commercial and residential, in Detroit and its environs. Dozens of his structures are on the National Register of Historic Places.
Expanded Description:
Albert Kahn created over 1000 buildings and several private residents in Detroit and its environs. To be considered for this category, your structure must have been designed by Albert Kahn or the Albert Kahn Associates (Architectural Firm).
Instructions for Posting a Albert Kahn, Architect Waymark:
To be considered, the structure must have been designed by Albert Kahn or the Albert Kahn Associates. The structure or a portion of the structure must still exist - no old newspaper stories or old vacation photos. The structure does not have to be located in Detroit. Please supply as much history of the structure and any special features or advanceents in your Long Description.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please post a picture that you feel best represents the structure (GPS is not required). Also supply any personal thoughts or reactions to seeing this structure.
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