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Civic Unity/Pride Art
Civic pride unity art is artwork found throughout a community with a common theme.
Expanded Description:
Civic unity/pride markers are statues/murals/symbols etc. that are located throughout a community. These markers are typically the same item which may be painted differently or posed differently of they have one common theme such as they are the same animal or item that is painted differently. These are placed throughout the community by civic groups or public or private companies. Typically there are many of the same items located within the boundaries of a community/city/state. The main idea is there must be more than one in the community.

Instructions for Posting a Civic Unity/Pride Art Waymark:
To post a new waymark in this catagory

1. Please provide a photo of all sides of the artwork.
2. Please label any artwork found in the community with the same name to keep the different artwork linked by a common word followed by something specific about the location followed by the community name an example would be (Cowatopia:Downtown City town and Cowatopia: Civic Center Downtown city town).
3. Please note what is written on any plaques near the art.
4. Note where any additional information can be found if there is any.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To Post a new log please provide a photo of the unity artwork. You can be in the photo or not and any additional information about the art or the area around the art would be great.
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