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People Named Natural Features
The purpose of this category is to document specific natural features such as mountains, rivers, valleys and the like that are named after a real life person.
Expanded Description:
This category seeks to document natural features named after a real life person. These can include mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, glaciers, waterfalls or other natural features.

There is no upper or lower limit in size. Features can be as large as the Gibson Desert (156,000 km2 / 60,232 sq mi) or as small as the only 2.5 miles long McWay Creek, as long as all other criteria are fulfilled. Not accepted are human made structures likes dams, walls, reservoirs or canals and entities created by drawing a human made boundary, such as national and state parks, countries, counties or continents. Also not accepted are places named after religious deities or mythical figures.

Also not accepted are generic rock formations composed of minerals named after a person (like a rock consisting of Stephanite (named after Archduke Stephan of Austria) or a grove of Douglas firs (named after Scottish botanist David Douglas). An individual rock named after the Archduke or an individual forest named after the botanist would qualify. Examples:

Mount Everest ------------- YES!
Mackenzie River ----------- YES!
Lake Victoria-------------- YES!
McWay Creek-----------------YES!
Strzelecki Desert --------- YES!

St. Thomas Mountain ------- NO!
Lake Powell (A reservoir)-- NO!
Washington State ---------- NO!
continent of America -------NO!
The Pillars of Hercules --- NO!

Also, the person in question should have some historical merits. A Wilson Peak named after the former US President would be OK, a Wilson Meadow, named so just because it belongs to a farmer named Wilson, wouldn't. For this reason, we require at least one paragraph about who the person was (preferably with a wikipedia reference).

For very large features like deserts, we will allow multiple entries for the same feature, as long as they are distinctively different (For example: the northern and the southern entrance road into a desert will be accepted, but every mile marker along the road will not.

Instructions for Posting a People Named Natural Features Waymark:
Coordinates have to be taken from a point that clearly shows the feature. Preferably, coordinates should be taken from within the feature, but we understand, that this might sometimes (Glaciers, Waterfalls) be impossible.

A Short description of the feature and at least one picture must be provided.

Also, a short description of the person, the feature is named after, must be given.

A proof of the name must be provided either by a picture of a plaque or sign, or a map reference (such as google earth) or an encyclopedic reference (such as wikipedia or a website dedicated to feature. Here is good example of such a source

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Provide your own picture and describe your experience.
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