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Pro Life Billboards
Managed By: Icon Here Knights for Life
This category is for signs and billboards dedicated to the pro-life cause.
Expanded Description:
The Waymarks in this category are all signs or billboards, placed permanently to promote a culture of life. Many organizations and churches spend time and money toward this effort, and we aim to thank them by recognizing their efforts here.

Only signs and billboards should be posted here - memorials and monuments have thier own category.
Instructions for Posting a Pro Life Billboards Waymark:
To post a new Waymark in this category, you must take a good photo of the sign and make an effort find out what group put up or owns the sign.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To log in this category, you should take a new photo of the sign, and provide any information on the current condition of the sign. For example, has it been damaged since the original post, or perhaps re-painted?
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