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Cemetery Chapels
Identify chapels within the property area of a cemetery. These chapels provide a place for families to gather at the cemetery, out of the weather, to say goodbye to their loved ones.
Expanded Description:
Many cemeteries have a chapel where families gather to pay last respects to the deceased. These chapels can be be simple country affairs to quite elaborate. The purpose of this category is to identify these chapels.

To qualify, these chapels must be on cemetery property. They must not hold regular church services. They also must be free-standing buildings not attached to funeral homes or churches. They also must not permanently contain remains of deceased individuals and must be able to be used multiple times. These also need to be permanent, fully-enclosed structures - no canopies or pavilions will be allowed. Temporary Crypts used to hold the deceased before burial are also not allowed. The category is interested in the actual physical building. Also, this must be a fully functioning building meaning four walls and a roof - ruins of chapels will not be considered.

NOTE: A Church that no longer holds services will be considered a "chapel" as long as no regular services have been held for at least 10 years. Verifiable documentation MUST be provided.

NOTE: If the building has more than one "chapel" inside, waymark the entire building as one waymark, not each individual "chapel" inside.

NOTE:Former chapels will be considered for inclusion, however, waymarks for former chapels MUST have excellent documentation proving the former status as a chapel.

NOTE: Funeral Homes (defined as businesses that prepare bodies for burial, inurnment, or cremation) with Funerary Chapel attached located in a cemetery will be denied, however, should the Chapel be attached to a Cemetery Office, these will be approved. Questions should be directed to an Officer prior to submission.

The following have their own category. Submissions that are deemed needing to go to the other category will be referred to the other category and the Cemetery Chapel waymark denied.

Instructions for Posting a Cemetery Chapels Waymark:
  1. COORDINATES must be obtained by a personal visit to the site and should be taken at the entrance of the chapel, if at all possible, or to the entrance to the cemetery, if necessary, if access to the chapel is not possible.
  2. PHOTOS: Please read carefully the photo requirements as they are more extensive than usual. In order to document the status of the cemetery chapel and to add a little more value to this waymark category, the following THREE specific photos are required:
    • Closeup photo of the entire Cemetery Chapel building.
    • Reference area photo of the Chapel and the cemetery, preferably a different angle than the closeup photo.
    • Photo of signage either on the Chapel and/or of the Cemetery. This third photo will be waived should no signage exist for either the cemetery or the chapel.

    NOTE: These are the minimum requirements. If one of these elements is not obtainable, exceptions will be made as long as an explanation is provided. There is some flexibility here as long as the chapel waymark is well presented. Additional photos of interest are encouraged.

  3. DESCRIPTION: Provide as much information and history as possible. Dates, historical significance, current status, etc. of the Chapel and of the Cemetery. A long description is required.
  4. WAYMARK NAME FORMAT: The name of the waymark MUST follow this format: Name of Cemetery Chapel - City, State/Province or Country. If it is not within a city or town, then please use another regional designation such as county, borough - whatever best identifies the location of the Cemetery Chapel.
SPECIAL NOTE: While the details outlined in our category description, and the requirements listed in the posting instructions, cover the MINIMUM elements and standards for all waymarks in this category, each waymark will also be evaluated by a volunteer reviewer for overall quality and appropriateness. If a reviewer deems that there are deficiencies in some aspect of the waymark, the waymark may be either declined or accepted with request for changes and/or additions in either content or format.

Each waymark will be evaluated on its own merits. We will endeavor to be reasonable and flexible while maintaining the quality standards for the category. If there is a disagreement, try to work it out with the evaluating officer, or appeal to the group leader, but we reserve the right to accept or decline a waymark based on our best judgement.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize Waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. All waymarks must have at least a short description in the long description section in ENGLISH. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English. We have volunteer translators to help.

Relying on software or internet based translators, such as Babylon and Google Translate, may NOT yield accurate translations that are intelligible. Use these only when there is no alternative. Although we do not expect grammatical perfection, a waymark may be declined if the English language translation is not understandable.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Chapel Submissions

This is a perfect example of what this category is seeking. A permanent building within a cemetery not permanently housing remains.
This chapel is acceptable. Although it is no longer used, it is still in place and the other portion of the building is used as the cemetery office
This chapel is unacceptable. This is the permanent burial place for William Rockhill Nelson, publisher of the Kansas City Star. This waymark would go into the mausoleums category.
altar This would be an unacceptable submission. Although it is a permanent structure, it is not fully enclosed and only has room for the altar. This submission would be referred to the outdoor altars category.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
  1. The waymark coordinates must be personally visited.
  2. Give the date and a description of your visit.
  3. Post at least one photo taken at the time of your visit.
  4. No additional Visit Requirements may be added by the creator of the waymark.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Date of Chapel Construction
  • Denomination of Chapel or Cemetery (if applicable)
  • Active Chapel?
  • Main Construction Material of Chapel
  • Description of Cemetery added in Long Description
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Image for Friedhof Kapelle Merkers - Merkers-Kiesselbach,  Germany.view gallery

WW65.7 km

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Cemetery ChapelsFriedhof Kapelle Merkers - Merkers-Kiesselbach, Germany.

in Cemetery Chapels

Cemetery Chapel on old cemetery, without a real name, in Merkers.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Axel-F

location: Thüringen, Germany

date approved: 8/29/2018

last visited: 8/8/2018

Image for Cemetery Chapel - Helmbrechts,BY,Germanyview gallery

SESE95.3 km

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Cemetery ChapelsCemetery Chapel - Helmbrechts,BY,Germany

in Cemetery Chapels

Modern cemetery chapel on the 'Helmetz' cemetery.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member *Team Krombaer*

location: Bayern, Germany

date approved: 8/6/2017

last visited: never

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