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The Outlaws
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The historic outlaws & Lawmen.
Relate the history, then decide is it fact or legend.
"When the legend becomes bigger than the fact, print the legend." Newspaper approach to history. Can we sort some of it out?

Expanded Description:
Outlaws roamed the old west in America, and the badlands of Australia and even India. Some became bigger that life itself.
Find a marker, a claim of an outlaws attachment to a site, and relate it to us.
Do some research and see if the site is fact or legend. Share that with us also.
Outlaws that qualify: Jesse James, The Daltons, The Youngers, Sam Bass of American lore and Harry Morgan of Australia, even Phoolan Davi of India.
Lawmen acceptable: Wyatt Erp, Wild Bill Hickok, etc. Many "Outlaws" were also lawmen and vice verse.
These are not the only ones, just examples of acceptable ones.
Those that do NOT qualify: Western lawmen and outlaws that have a category named for them (i.e. William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody) also Jack the Ripper, Molly Borden, murderers, yes, outlaws no.
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