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SUP Historic Markers
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The Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP) currently has 375 markers installed with new ones in process all the time. They are located from Eastern Canada to California on the American continent, with another one in Greece.

Expanded Description:
The National Society of The Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP) was organized for the purpose of keeping alive the history and memory of Mormon Pioneers and others who came to the Salt Lake Valley to help settle the West and find security from those who would destroy them and their beliefs.

The SUP was organized on March 29, 1933, with the following goals:

Preserve the memory and heritage of the early pioneers of the Utah Territory. “We honor the pioneers for their faith in God; devotion to family; loyalty to church and country; hard work and service to others; courage in adversity; personal integrity; and unyielding determination.”

Honor Present-day pioneers worldwide in many walks of life, who exemplify these same qualities of character.

Teach these same qualities to the youth who will be tomorrow’s pioneers.

To date, the SUP has placed 375+ historical markers at physical to commemorate places, events, or persons of particular historical significance to Utah (and, indeed, the entire American West).

The goal of this category is to waymark all of the historic markers placed by the SUP organization around the world.

A list of SUP markers and where they are located can be found at
Instructions for Posting a SUP Historic Markers Waymark:
To post a waymark in this category you will need personally obtained GPS coordinates of a historic marker placed by the SUP and at least two photos of the marker, one up close so that the text is readable, and another that shows the surrounding area and the marker. Your GPS need not be included in the photos.

Waymark Name:
Use the actual name of the Marker for the Waymark name and the marker number if available.

1st Statewide Pioneer Days Celebration – UPTLA 14
65 Mile Trail to Hole in the Rock -
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To log a visit for a waymark in this category:
1-Tell of your visit, any insights, new things you learned, etc.
2-Post at least one photo.
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