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A cloister is a courtyard surrounded by corridors and galleries and is usually located in abbeys, convents and monasteries. It is used to develop the surrounding monastery and convent buildings. The open yard area was often used as a garden or cemetery. Elements include arcades, arches, and a well/cistern. Cloisters often served as a burial place for the canons. (Legler, Rolf: Der Kreuzgang, ein Bautypus des Mittelalters. Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt)
Expanded Description:
Any cloister may be included. All religions are welcome!

We also accept inactive sites, or those that may be classified as "ruins," or that have been converted to other uses -- as long as adequate documentation can be provided about the status as a cloister.

If you have any question about the suitability of any particular location for this category, please contact an officer.

Some examples:

Instructions for Posting a Cloisters Waymark:
NAME: This naming convention MUST be followed:
Name of the building/cloister - Location
Cloister Number One - München, Germany
Cloister Number Two - Hometown, Iowa

1. Personally obtained GPS coordinates. These should be taken as near to the entrance as possible.

2. At least 2 personally taken photos. One should show an overview of the cloister and the other should show a detail picture from something you’re impressed. Multiple photos are encouraged to give as much of an overview as possible. Please do NOT include your GPSr in any photo!

3. A good description of the waymark with as much background as possible. Do a little research to make your waymark a valuable contribution to the category.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Describe your visit, including the date, with as much detail as possible, AND contribute at least ONE PHOTO, original, different from those already in the gallery.
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