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Wanton Government Waste
The purpose of this category is to bring attention to wasteful government spending by providing a brief description of the facts and figures and then bringing people to these sites by providing a Waymark of the location. Any government is fair play!
Expanded Description:
A waymark that may be placed in this category should be a site that is a good example of wasteful government spending. A waymark in this category may be the famous "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska, it may be a particularly hideous piece of art in a government building or it may be a facility that was built by the government and never used. It may be a particularly "out-of-place" government structure that was built with no regard for it's surroundings or it may be a structure built by the government for a particularly unbelievable government research project. One such site that comes to mind for me is location where the federal government closed a public campground in a national forest and turned it into a forest work camp for prisoners. They spent several hundred thousand dollars retrofitting this beautiful campground into a secure facility where they could feed, shower and house a couple hundred prisoners but only operated the location in that capacity for one summer before mothballing the operation and leaving the campground an eyesore and closed to the public.
Instructions for Posting a Wanton Government Waste Waymark:
Please post a picture of whatever the government wasted our money on. Also, please give a general discription and any facts and figures you may have about the site and/or the wasted tax dollars.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please waymark only sites where tax dollars were wasted. Any government is fair play!
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