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This Old Church
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Is a church nearby a centenarian? If so, this category is the place! Here you can Waymark churches with sanctuaries at least 100 years old. Also, structures which were once the churches, but are now used for some other purpose (like a museum, library or school), may also be recorded. This category has simple, but very specific requirements. Please click on "show additional information" below to view requirements for this category before you head out to waymark the Old Church.
Expanded Description:
If recording a new waymark, scroll down to enter, edit or view the waymark submission form.

Sanctuary buildings in this category must be at least 100 years old and this must be verified by a reliable source, a church's or historic society website or a photo of the cornerstone of the building.

"Sanctuary" refers to the large part of the church where worship services take place. In the case where a church has added a new sanctuary and kept the old one intact, as long as the old building was once used for worship services and its age can be verified, it may be waymarked. This also applies to former church sanctuaries which are now being used for another, non-religious purpose.

Only structures which are currently being used as a church or for another function may be logged. Churches that are maintained as historic sites may included. Abandoned or shuttered churches are not permitted in this category. Churches in the process of being restored for another purpose may be submitted once they’re functional.

Please be aware that the group may decline a waymark due to aesthetic problems with the submission that are not expressly spelled out in the requirements. We will try and work with waymarkers to resolve such issues.

Instructions for Posting a This Old Church Waymark:

If recording a new waymark, scroll down to enter, edit or view the waymark submission form.

Please note that all sections must be completed if the information is easily available, even those marked "optional". Internet research or a phone call to the church will usually provide information you may not able to obtain by an exterior visit to a church (such as day and time of church services or construction date of church). If you visit during a weekday, the church office may be open for assistance.

1) The waymark title must be the current name of the church and its location only. (For example: "Old North Church - Boston, MA". In the case of a former church building being used for another purpose, use the name of the present user, then the former church name and the city. (For example: "National Archaeological Museum, Church of St. Agatha, Spoleto, Italy".) Nothing should be added to the title but name and location.

Titles should be factual and must contain the church name and the city it is located in only. Waymark titles that contain anything else but the actual church name (or the name of the current occupant) and the city where it is located will be declined by the group.

2) A minimum of one high quality photo of the exterior of the church is required. This photo should show the building in the best possible manner. Daytime photos only. This photo should show the entire structure. This photo must have been taken by the waymarker for the express purpose of recording the waymark. No vacation photos and no copyrighted photos downloaded from the web. If a cornerstone or dedication plaque is used to date the structure, a photo of the cornerstone or plaque must also be uploaded. You are welcome to upload additional photos to show off your church.

3) This photo must appear on the main waymark page, either by selecting "default photo" when uploading or by using html code. Again, if a cornerstone or dedication plaque is used to date the structure, a photo of the cornerstone or plaque must also be uploaded. If interior photos are permitted, you may post these as well.

4) Please give some background on the church and the building. If there is interesting local history associated with the church, please tell us about it. If there is extensive information on this church and this is on a website, you should give some brief details, then post the web address as indicated below.

5) Record the date the date the church building was built, dedicated or cornerstone laid. Please note - this is the construction date, dedication date of the building or date on cornerstone, not the founding date of the congregation (which is sometimes much earlier than the structure). If you have only the year, indicate this as (for example) 1/1/1867. Getting a correct date may require internet research or a call to the church office. (Beware of cornerstones that give a founding date and then a second date. The second date is usually the date a newer building was built. That second date needs to be 100 years ago or later.)

6) Optional: If this denomination of the church is not in the church name, you may indicate it.

7) If the church is open to the public, as is the case with many historic churches, please indicate this.

8) If open to the public, give the hours the church is open to the public.

9) If weekly services are held and "all are welcome", please enter the day of the week and time of weekly services.

10) Please give the street address or location of the church. If no street number, list the street name and city only.

11) If the church or former church operates a website, please provide the web address.

12) You may rate the waymark from 1 to 5.

Thanks for your submissions!

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
1) A photo of the church is required for visits to a waymark.

2) Please share some comments about your visit.

3) Additional photos are encouraged. If you can have information in addition to that already provided about this church, please share it with us.

Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Date the Church was built, dedicated or cornerstone laid
  • Age of Church building determined by?
  • If denomination of Church is not part of the name, please provide it here
  • If Church is open to the public, please indicate hours
  • If Church holds a weekly worship service and "all are welcome", please give the day of the week
  • Indicate the time that the primary worship service is held. List only one
  • Street address of Church
  • Primary website for Church or Historic Church Building
  • Secondary Website for Church or Historic Church Building
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