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Famous Fictional Figures
Managed By: Icon Here Fans of Fiction
This category is for documenting the location of famous fictional figures permanently captured in the form of a public statue or sculpture. The represented figures can be from movies, television, literature, or other sources.
Expanded Description:

We do not under any circumstances accept Epic character or mythological characters or any Greek or Roman God. There is a category for that already and that is where it goes.

We do not under any circumstances accept any allegorical figures.

Many fictional characters have become famous as the result of their appearance in books, television, stage or movies. But few of these characters are immortalized in permanent physical artistic form.

This category seeks to capture the locations of statues and sculptures of those fictional characters lucky enough to have been permanently immortalized this way. To qualify, the structure being waymarked must meet the following criteria:

Must be a 3-dimensional (paintings do not qualify) representation of the figure, located in a publicly-accessible area.

Figure must be a representation of a widely-known, recognizable fictional character. Figures of actual people do not qualify, unless the statue is of a real person clearly portrayed in their fictional role.

Figure must have originated from a specific known and identifiable person, organization or company. A required variable is included for this purpose - you must provide the specific name of the originator (ie, an author's name, or the name of a specific television series or program, or the name of a cartoonist, or the name of a film production company). If you can't identify a specific person or company, or if your answer is "Greek mythology", "The Bible", "Legendary figure" or "I don't know", your waymark does not belong in this category. It may, however, be a good fit for the Epic Beings and Creatures category.

Fiberglass characters located in proximity to commercial venues for obvious commercial purposes (that is, a fiberglass Buzz Lightyear located outside a Disney Store does not qualify). Structures made of fiberglass (especially those which appear to be mass produced) that were placed with any obvious commercial or advertising purpose do not qualify. We are also definitely not looking for wax museum likenesses.

We are primarily interested in metal or stone statues and sculptures, although figures constructed out of other materials may be allowed, if the particular piece warrants it. We are interested in quality artistic pieces, not junk. Epic beings and creatures have absolutely nothing to do with this category.

If there are multiple characters represented in the same physical piece, only one waymark will be accepted for the entire piece.


If a category already exists more specific to the statue's subject, please post it there, not here.

-Atlas Statues

-Giants of Commerce

-School Mascots

-Sphinx Sculptures

-Statues of Historic Figures

-Epic Beings and Creatures

-Statues of Religious Figures


Instructions for Posting a Famous Fictional Figures Waymark:

1. Naming Convention:
The title of each waymark must include the name of the statue followed by the City and State, or country.

Example: Ralph Kramden - New York CIty, N.Y.

2. Coordinates:
Personally obtained coordinates of the statue, taken by you while at the location of the waymark. If you did not visit the statue then you cannot post a waymark, under any circumstances.

3. Photographs:
At least one personally obtained, quality photograph of the statue, taken by you while at the location of the waymark. More are preferred. It is hard to document many things with one picture, especially if there is a plaque nearby. Submitted photos must be of sufficient quality, and the character represented in the waymark must be clearly recognizable in the photo. You may not use a photo taken by another to satisfy this requirement.

4. Long Description:
A Long Description is required. Please submit a description fitting to the statue. Describe the character, and possibly any notable people who portrayed this figure. Provide links for any quotes in the description. If your description contains text copied from another source, you must clearly identify the source in the description (for example: Source: Wikipedia), and provide a link. Plagiarism = denial.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

Provide a picture of the statue or something at the site relating to it.

You can be in the photo if you desire.

Category Settings:
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  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
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Image for Linus Van Pelt - Sleepy Eye MNview gallery

here0 km

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Famous Fictional FiguresLinus Van Pelt - Sleepy Eye MN

in Famous Fictional Figures

Linus, of the Peanuts troupe appears in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member Telomere

location: Minnesota

date approved: 10/15/2016

last visited: 04/23/2021

Image for Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth, Minnesotaview gallery

SESE87.9 km

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Famous Fictional FiguresJolly Green Giant - Blue Earth, Minnesota

in Famous Fictional Figures

sculpture of Jolly Green Giant located in the town of Blue Earth (Minnesota) USA

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member oiseau_ca

location: Minnesota

date approved: 09/23/2014

last visited: 05/29/2017

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