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Best Kept Secrets
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Do you know of some place in your town or neighborhood that is unknown to most of the locals and that you would like to share with the waymarking community? A place with a great view, an interesting artifact, or the location of some event that is of interest to the general public. We want the visitors to exclaim, "Wow! I didn't know this was here."
Expanded Description:

A Best Kept Secret is a waymark that shows off a place that most people don't know about but has enough general interest for most people to want to visit and find out more about it. These are the places we think made the very best virtual geocaches. And like virtual geocaches, visitors are expected to provide verification of their visit – usually by finding answers to question that can only be answered by visiting the site.

Unlike virtual geocaches, a Best Kept Secret doesn't have to be a location where you can't place a cache. In fact there can already be a physical or virtual cache there. The location can even be listed in another waymarking category. However, we still want these to be places that have a general interest and, most importantly, they must be relatively unknown to most people in the area.

Instructions for Posting a Best Kept Secrets Waymark:
  1. The waymark should be a specific target that the visitor can find using their GPSr. It should not be something large like a park, a beach, or a mountain. For a view you want to have the visitor go to a very specific spot. For a large building you will want to take them to a particular entrance or other spot in or near the building. For locations inside of buildings, you should post coordinates for the entrance and provide letterbox-style hints to take the visitor to the location. In some cases you may want to have the visitor go to several nearby locations or follow a path through the area. Put additional waypoints and instructions in your description, if neccessary.
  2. There should be one or more questions about an item at a location, something seen at that location, etc., that only the visitor to that physical location will be able to answer. The questions should be difficult enough that they cannot be answered through library or web research. In rare instances, we may allow a photo of the visitor at the location to be used as verification.
  3. You should give your waymark a name and description that will make people want to visit. One way to do this is make it a mystery as to what they will find there. Your name and description will be important factors in deciding whether we accept your waymark.
  4. Use the terrain variable to indicate the difficulty of getting to the waymark. A terrain rating of 1 should be wheelchair accessible. Indicate in your description if the secret place is available only certain hours and whether there is an admission fee.
  • Commercial locations will generally not be allowed.

    Provide additional information, if necessary, in the private note to the Best Kept Secret category managers so that they can determine if the location meets all the requirements for a Best Kept Secret. You do not have to provide the answers to the verification questions. The Best Kept Secrets category managers will review your submission and determine if the location is too well known to be a Best Kept Secret. For example, if there is a entry for the location/object it is probably too well known.

    Some virtual caches would be better represented in one of the many other waymarking categories. Not every "Wow" waymark is a Best Kept Secret. If you have a really "Wow" place that people would generally know about, consider another Waymarking category. Some suggestions are Guinness World Records, Weird Story Locations, Roadside Attractions, News Article Locations, Wikipedia Entries, and the many Historic Marker categories.

    The preference is for Best Kept Secret waymarks to be created by locals who have a feeling for how well known a place is. If you discover a location like this while on vacation, we may require additional information to show that it is a well kept secret - we may allow locations known to locals that most visitors would never see.

  • Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

    Visitors must answer the verification questions (or post a photo when that alternative is allowed). The answers should be emailed to the waymark owner for verification, not to the category officers. Answers should never be posted in the logs. Visitor are also asked to rank their experience for "Wow". Premium members should use the ranking feature (1 means "wasn't worth the visit" and 5 means "Wow"). Non-premium members can let us know in their logs.

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    Image for Chemin de la Cour de la Commanderie - La Rochelle, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Franceview gallery

    WW42.3 km

    Log it!

    Best Kept SecretsChemin de la Cour de la Commanderie - La Rochelle, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

    in Best Kept Secrets

    [FR] Un tout petit chemin sombre et caché dans la rue du Palais qui mène à la Cour des Templiers. [EN] A tiny dark path hidden in the street of the Palace that leads to the Templar Court.

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Bono2333

    location: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

    date approved: 7/26/2019

    last visited: 7/26/2019

    Image for Chemin de ronde. Jonzac. Franceview gallery

    SS92.5 km

    Log it!

    Best Kept SecretsChemin de ronde. Jonzac. France

    in Best Kept Secrets

    Chemin de ronde

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member lulu_et_compagnie

    location: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

    date approved: 11/25/2018

    last visited: 7/8/2020

    Image for Le Raineau (Chinon, Centre, France)view gallery

    NENE119.4 km

    Log it!

    Best Kept SecretsLe Raineau (Chinon, Centre, France)

    in Best Kept Secrets

    [FR] Passage méconnu sous une maison situé à Chinon. [EN] Unknown passage under a house in Chinon.

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member LeBourguignon

    location: Centre-Val-de-Loire, France

    date approved: 11/29/2017

    last visited: 2/19/2017

    Image for Le passage du Coeur Navré - Tours - Franceview gallery

    NENE160.6 km

    Log it!

    Best Kept SecretsLe passage du Coeur Navré - Tours - France

    in Best Kept Secrets

    Etroit passage entre deux anciennes maisons d'une rue du vieux Tours. Narrow passage between two old houses of a street of the old Tours.

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Alfouine

    location: Centre-Val-de-Loire, France

    date approved: 12/17/2016

    last visited: 9/19/2019

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