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Artistic Seating
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Artists around the world have used many different types of media to transform or create benches for public use. Artistically created, or artistically altered public seating has a place here.
Expanded Description:

Art is a very personal thing. What one person considers art, may just be a pile of junk to someone else. The goal of this category is to Waymark public seating that is artistic. The very nature of this category is subjective, Waymarkers are expected to use their own judgment when submitting seating to this category. Please don't submit every bench and chair on the road, you know what is artistic, please share it with us!

Waymark reviewers will do our best to allow all artistic seating and disallow "ordinary" seating in this category.

Seating that fits into this category has been sculpted, painted, carved, or otherwise created by an artist with the intention of the public placing their rump upon it.

Here are a few examples:

Seating that does not fit into the category are ordinary benches. "Ordinary" in this case includes mass produced benches and chairs that have ornate designs. Sit by me art belongs in that category which can be found at this link so it will not be accepted here.

Other forms of art that by accident and not design have become places to sit will not be accepted. An example of this is a sculpture or fountain that by chance becomes a place to sit.

Here are a couple examples of what wouldn't be accepted:

Instructions for Posting a Artistic Seating Waymark:

Give us as much information as you can about the seating. Do you know the artist? When it was placed? The type of media used? Is it a bench, a chair, something else? Is it at a bus stop, in a park, outside a restaurant, somewhere else? All variables are optional, but please do your best to provide all information that is available.

Please include at least one original photo of the seating as a whole. Multiple views are appreciated, signatures, plaques, details of the art or wide views of the seating's setting make great additional photos.

A GPSr photo is not required.

Please no additional posting requirements by individual waymarkers.

Here is an example of what the title should look like: Title - City, State

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please visit the seating and provide us some details about your visit. Photos without GPSr are appreciated, not required.
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