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Monarchs of the World
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Managed By: Icon Here World Monarchs
Category of Statues (Bust or Full Body) of those people that have been Monarchs of an area of land (Country or Empire).
Expanded Description:

To be listed in this Category, the person must have an official title as defined below, or one that is comparible/equivalent on an International level.

There must be a Statue or Bust of this person at the site, a plaque is not enough.

Here is the Monarch Rankings that will be used

  1. Emperor / Empress
  2. King /Queen
  3. Grand Duke or Prince / Grand Duchess or Princess
  4. Arch Duke / Arch Duchess
  5. Prince / Princess
  6. Duke / Duchess
  7. Marquess / Marchioness
  8. Earl or Count / Countess
  9. Viscount/ Viscountess
  10. Baron / Baroness or Baronet / Baronetess or Knight
  • These levels determined from this site Royal and Noble Ranks, and this site lists the other variations used across Europe. A list of comparative versions for Middle East and the Orient will be created as well.

    Now, obviously non-English lands will not have used the same titles as English lands, so the Rank and Name would use the indigenous rank (i.e. Marquis de Sade of France - not Marquess) so the equivalent would apply.

  • Instructions for Posting a Monarchs of the World Waymark:

    Waymark Owner - Must provide the following

    * Accurate coordinates of the Statue or Bust
    * Photo of the Statue or Bust
    * Land(s) of influence (Country or Empire)
    * Rank and name in full (First and Last if possible)
    * Web link to related history

    Good = Statue of the Sultan of Brunei would be if it exists. Or Queen Victoria of Britain.
    Bad = Statue of Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll. Or 'The Red Baron'

    Naming Convention: All Waymarks must be named in the same format as follows: Monarchs - {Name of entry} - {optional location}. Variations will not be approved as of 26 Apr 06. {note: Use a Hyphen as a divider, see examples in the Approved List}

    Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

    Waymark Visitor - Must either

    • Provide a photo at the Statue
    • Answer a related question, if available, as posted on the Waymark description to the satistfaction of the Owner
  • Category Settings:
    • Waymarks can be added to this category
    • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
    • Category is visible in the directory
    • Monarch Ranking
    • Proper Title and Name of Monarch
    • Country or Empire of Influence
    • Website for additonal information
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    Image for Louis XIV - Roi de France - Lyon, Franceview gallery

    NENE83.5 km

    Log it!

    Monarchs of the WorldLouis XIV - Roi de France - Lyon, France

    in Monarchs of the World

    [EN] Louis XIV, known as "the Great" and "the Sun King", born on September 5, 1638 at the Château Neuf in Saint-Germain-en-Laye and died on September 1, 1715 in Versailles. [FR] Louis XIV, dit « le Grand » et « le Roi-Soleil », né le 5 septembre 1638 au château Neuf de Saint-Germain-en-Laye et mort le 1er septembre 1715 à Versailles.

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member pmaupin

    location: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

    date approved: 8/2/2019

    last visited: 2/21/2020

    Image for Roi Albert 1er de Belgique - Vichy - Franceview gallery

    NWNW135.3 km

    Log it!

    Monarchs of the WorldRoi Albert 1er de Belgique - Vichy - France

    in Monarchs of the World

    This statue is a tribute to Albert 1er, which has partnered with France during the war of 1914. /\ Cette statue est un hommage à Albert 1er qui s'est allié à la France lors de la guerre de 1914.

    posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member JMRetSB

    location: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

    date approved: 12/28/2015

    last visited: 12/16/2015

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