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Ghosts and Hauntings
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Locations of paranormal activity. These places are located all over the world and each one has a great tale to be told. This is also for locations of ghost tours.


Expanded Description:

Real is a relative term here since some do not believe in these things, but this place is not to debate the reality of it; it is for marking the locations where supposed real ghost sightings or hauntings have or are currently taking place. These places usually have stories with them of the encounters. Some of the stories are beautiful and serene, while others are gruesome and scary. Each place has a story and some that have lasted for hundreds of years. Record these locations and the details of the stories.

An example of one story is of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. This is a small town in western Texas located in a beautiful region. People from all over the world once came to this hotel to reap the benefits of the healing and anti-aging power of the minerals in the ground water. The hotel was very elaborate and progressive for its day with a lower level mall, heated pool, large spa, and ball room on the top floor. It even has a secret stairwell for special guests to use so they would not be seen entering and leaving the hotel. Bonny and Clyde even stayed at this hotel. There was a penthouse suite for the owner that was extravagantly decorated. There is also a section of guest rooms that can be closed off from the rest of the hotel, and the secret stairs were used for those guests and employees serving them. During its operational time, there were several deaths such as an employee that fell down an elevator shaft (or maybe pushed), a mistress that was killed in her room, a wife who threw herself from the top floor balcony, and more. This hotel is abandoned now with most windows gone, the spa is crumbling, and the lower basement levels are flooded. Some ghost hunters have claimed this hotel to have the most activity of all other haunted locations. The hotel is loaded with cold spots, electro magnetic activity, electronic voice phenomena, orbs, and strange smells.
Do not enter the property of this hotel as it is very dangerous since it is decaying. Occasionally there is a tour group that will hold events in the hotel where you can tour the safer areas both during the day and at night.

This category may also consist of places which have been debunked; for example: there is a story of a railroad crossing in Pennsylvania where a school bus full of kids was hit by a train. Everyone in the bus was killed. People say that if you go to the crossing at night, park your car over the tracks, dust the exterior trunk surface with flour or dirt, put the transmission in neutral, and sit in the car waiting, that eventually the car will slowly move off of the tracks. When you get out of your car and look at the trunk, you will see several children's hand prints on the trunk as if the children were pushing your car out of harms way. It's a spooky story, but this story is also told in several other states at several other rail crossings (we do not recommend anyone to park their car over any railroad tracks).

This category is not for marking staged hauntings and ghosts (exe: Halloween haunted house businesses), or even amusement park haunted areas. The category "Haunted Attractions" is available for those locations.

This category is also not for places where a story was made up just to spook people or entice visitors. While it can be tough to determine what is "legitimate" and what is not, a little homework can sometimes help make this determination.

Here are a few great resources:
The Shadow Lands
Haunted Highways of America (A listing by states and some cities)
Winter Steel - search by state (You might have to click through a few pages to reach your state). You might find a few haunted stories here amongst other strange stories.


Instructions for Posting a Ghosts and Hauntings Waymark:

**(1) Use coordinates obtained from your GPS while you are at the location. Using coordinates from web-based maps can can be very inaccurate.
**(2) For the default photo, use a non-copyrighted photograph. We prefer this photo to not contain you or your GPS. A daylight photo is preferred (not required) so people can easily identify the area when trying to locate it. Night photos are bonuses, especially if they have strange objects in them.
**(3) If taking night photos, please use a monopod, tripod, or VR lenses to steady the image so clear photos can be posted.
**(4) Tell the haunting tale(s) behind this location. Be descriptive and describe it so people can form a detailed picture of the story. If it is to be scary, then scare us. Have fun with your description, but please stay accurate.
**(5) Also, at the end of your description, make an objective or factual synopsis of the story. If you know it has been debunked, please state when and how it was debunked.
**(6) Safety and security are paramount. Please stay away from encouraging anyone to enter the area if it is on private land or if it requires permission or special access. Describe the dangers so people know how important it is to not enter these kinds of unsafe or protected areas.
**(7) Do not post a waymark if the location is not accessible within a reasonable viewing distance. This is to help prevent encouraging people from entering areas where they are not allowed or are very difficult to access.
**(8) Please do not add extra visit requirements to your waymark other than what is already specified for this category.
**(9) Finally, please keep in mind when writing your description that these stories should be written in a manner for both adults and children.

If marking a real ghost tour, please include tour times and rates. Some tours are better suited for the category "Haunted Attractions".


Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
  • Please submit a photo(s) taken by you of your visit to the location (non-copyrighted photos only). GPS photos are also accepted with the location in the background, and old vacation photos are accepted. Photos you took of paranormal activity are great. If you are not able to provide a photo, then please describe your visit or give a story about the visit
  • Tell your story if you saw, felt, or smelled anything unusual. Post pictures of what you saw.
  • Add any information you may have about the location. If your information is important about the location, please contact the waymark owner to see if it can be added to the description.
  • Be careful and do not enter areas which are off limits or look dangerous. No waymark is worth harm. Use your 6th sense, because sometimes there are unseen things which are telling you to stay out.
  • Use care when using your camera flash so you do not disrupt any possible nearby residents. Time lapse can be the best tool on your camera in many circumstances.


Category Settings:
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  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
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  • Website about the location and/or story
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Image for John Pike's Chalet - Olhão, Portugalview gallery

here0 km

Log it!

Ghosts and HauntingsJohn Pike's Chalet - Olhão, Portugal

in Ghosts and Hauntings

This beautiful but neglected chalet in Olhão has a haunting story to be told.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Torgut

location: Faro, Portugal

date approved: 12/4/2012

last visited: never

Image for A Bailarina do Teatro Lethes - Faro, Portugalview gallery

WW7.7 km

Log it!

Ghosts and HauntingsA Bailarina do Teatro Lethes - Faro, Portugal

in Ghosts and Hauntings

A Bailarina do Teatro Lethes (The Dancer of Lethes Theatre)

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member tmob

location: Faro, Portugal

date approved: 9/13/2011

last visited: never

Image for Palace Fonte da Pipa - Loulé, Faro, Portugalview gallery

NWNW18.3 km

Log it!

Ghosts and HauntingsPalace Fonte da Pipa - Loulé, Faro, Portugal

in Ghosts and Hauntings

An abandoned palace very close to Loulé.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member RuiJSDuarte

location: Faro, Portugal

date approved: 7/12/2014

last visited: never

Image for Cisterna da Moura Encantada, Castelo de Silves, Silves.view gallery

WW55.2 km

Log it!

Ghosts and HauntingsCisterna da Moura Encantada, Castelo de Silves, Silves.

in Ghosts and Hauntings

The legend of the Cistern of the Enchanted Moorish Girl says that in the night of St. John, around midnight, one can hear a Moorish princess crying.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member GT.US

location: Faro, Portugal

date approved: 7/11/2010

last visited: 7/9/2013

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