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A category for photographers, sharing the general area they are taking photographs.
Expanded Description:
Simimlar to the bloggers category, the photography category is intended to share the place photographers are plying their trade.

A general area in which you reside is sufficient, and the URL to an online photo-sharing service, like Picasa or Smugmug to share your photos with the community is required.

Sub-categories will be created to showcase photos and the locations they were taken (ie. nature, sport, landmark)
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
In order to post a new log for waymarks in this category, you will need to submit a photo taken in the area indicated in the waymark.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is not visible in the directory
  • Your photo service URL