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Western Canadian Heritage
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Originally created by WannerClan as a category for cataloging Heritage Properties in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, the category has been expanded to include Heritage Properties in all of Western Canada, an area which encompasses British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories: The Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut.
Expanded Description:
There are numerous buildings, sites and properties across Western Canada which are of Historical or Heritage value. The objective of this category is to catalog those heritage sites through Waymarking.
See Special Notes on Territories Historical Markers at the bottom of this page. We will also accept Territories Historical Markers here, as explained in the Special Notes.
Every community has its own unique heritage. Various Heritage Property Acts in the Provinces and Territories provide a mechanism for the recognition and protection of buildings, sites and properties deemed to be of historical significance to their sphere. When granted, such formal designation gains public recognition for the property and helps ensure that the heritage value of the property is maintained by protecting against inappropriate changes as well as conserving these properties for the benefit of future generations.

The objectives of this category are to Waymark these historic or heritage sites and increase the knowledge base of said sites through the inclusion of commentary provided by the Waymarker.

Since many of these properties are privately owned, please respect the privacy of the owners and post coordinates and pictures taken from the closest public access point.

In each province or territory, if a site is found on a city or municipal register, before submitting a Waymark, check the Provincial register and/or Historic Places Canada. If it's registered there, enter that URL in the Heritage Registry variable instead of the city or municipal one. As well, it is preferred that you use any quoted text from those sites, for uniformity, unless more comprehensive information is available on the local registry.

Note that this category will not be accepting Canadian National Historic Sites. They have a specific category, so there's no need to Waymark them again here.

However, we will accept Heritage Lighthouses, Federal Heritage Buildings and Heritage Railway Stations. The Parks Canada Search Page for all three is HERE.

A Collection of useful Registry links:
(Each will open in a new tab.)

Historic Places Canada, often the best place to start a search for a historic or heritage site.
British Columbia
Northwest Territories

Designated Lighthouses in Canada Western Canada Wikis
Instructions for Posting a Western Canadian Heritage Waymark:
In order to be considered for this category properties must be listed on an official national, provincial, city, or municipal heritage register, such as the Alberta Heritage Register. See a comphehensive list of Heritage Registries in Western Canada, above.

Submitted Waymarks must include at least two photos of the property, taken by the Waymark submitter, as well as photos of any signage or plaques which identify the site, also taken by the Waymark submitter. Required variables include a link to the site's listing in an official Heritage Register containing the property, or, if individual entries are not available, a link to the heritage list will suffice. In the latter case, photo(s) of identifying signage will be required. The address of the site will be a required variable, as well.

In the description include any comments you have on the property, its history, any deviations from the description in the heritage listing, and the overall state of repair of the site. A minimum of three descriptive sentences composed by the submitter are required. Properly accredited inclusion of descriptive text from the Register is encouraged, as it best provides the comprehensive information required for full appreciation and understanding of a site's heritage value.

The name of the Waymark must be the official name of the site as it appears in the Heritage Register, followed by town/city and Province/Territory, in the standardized Waymarking format:
Calgary Fire Hall #2 - Calgary, AB
Special Notes on Territories Historical Markers

Given that none of the Canadian Territories (The Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut) have categories to which one may submit Historical Markers, we will be accepting them here. Though Heritage Sites and Historical Markers are most often quite different in nature, we're accepting them here, just so they will have a home to go to. See Instructions for Posting, above, for posting requirements - they are essentially the same for Historical Markers, save for the Heritage Registry requirement. However, the Heritage Registry variable is required, so you'll need to enter a pertinent URL there.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To log a visit to a Waymark in this category at least one photo of the property, taken by the visitor, must be included with the visit, as well any comments they have concerning either their visit or the site itself. Suggested inclusions are: what you like about the site, its history, any deviations from the description in the heritage listing noted by the visitor, and the overall state of repair of the site.
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