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American Civil War Grave Sites/Cemeteries
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This category is for the purpose of marking the final resting places of American Civil War Veterans. There are American Civil War veterans buried throughout the world, although most are buried primarily in the United States (all over the US). Some are buried in large cemeteries marked by rows of simialar headstones along with many other their fellow comrades while others can be found in small individual family plots with only a small marker showing their service. Be respectful at all times!
Expanded Description:
This category is not designed to just pad #'s but is intended to help locate, document, and preserve the locations of veterans graves, specifically those buried in out of the way small plots or cemeteries that can all too often be lost over time. Hopefully this category can be of use to someone tracing their family heritage.

Waymarks in this category can be of two kinds 1) a large grouping, such as a major section of a national cemetery or 2) of an individual grave that is not bordered by many other veteran graves.

Instructions for Posting a American Civil War Grave Sites/Cemeteries Waymark:
First of all, remember to be respectful at all times and of all gravesites.

If waymarking a large plot such as in a national cemetery, please mark the coordinates of the section letter or number, and list section, the cemetery name, and nearest city or town. Any other related information would be welcomed too. Although individual names would be too many to list, please provide a weblink if you can to the cemetery or any related records that are available online. A recent unobstructed (meaning no GPSr or you in it) photo is required as well.

For small family type plots or individual grave waymarks please provide as much information as possible. Name, dates, location in cemetery or family plot, cemetery name if applicable, and nearest city or town. Any known service history or related online information would be welcomed too. Condidtion of cemetery/grave might also be helpful. Again please provide a recent unobstructed photo.

Please provide as much information about your waymark as possible for approval consideration.

*Famous individuals located in large plots will also be considered for inclusion as individual waymarks but they must be widely known and not just of local persona.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
First requirement is to be respectful at all times when visiting one of these waymarks.

Second, a picture of your visit is required but doesn't have to include you or your GPSr. Any information about your visit would be great too.
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