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Citizen Memorials
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Many people have left a significant impact on a community, friends, and loved ones to have had a permanent memorial erected in their honour. This category is dedicated to those places around the world where you find a memorial of some kind.
Expanded Description:
Updated rules as of October 10th, 2019.

Please read through before submitting.

People often are touched by somebody special and frequently they want to recognize that person’s influence on a community by erecting a permanent memorial to that person.

At times family and friends commemorate people who may have not, on the surface, had large impact on a community; nevertheless, these types of memorials are just as important. The goal of this category is to capture these permanent memorials around the world.

Memorials are as unique as the person they honour. It could be a plaque, a sign, a cenotaph, a cairn, or some other unique object. However, to meet the requirements of this category it must be a permanent object.

Memorials are generally done posthumously, however occasionally commemorative markers are installed during the lifetime of the person or group honoured. Both types are accepted in this category.

Memorials have different names depending on the design. While the category does not distinguish between the various types, below is a reference to what they could be called.

Memorial: Something designed to preserve the memory of a person.

Cairn: A heap of stones set up as a landmark, monument, etc.

Monolith: An obelisk, column, large statue, etc., formed of a single block of stone.

Obelisk: A tapering, four-sided shaft of stone, usually monolithic and having a pyramidal apex.

Plaque: An inscribed commemorative tablet, usually of metal placed on a building, monument, or the like.

Submission guidelines

Submissions to the Citizen Memorial category are more general guidelines as it is difficult to have strict rules. However, please take a moment to read below to see the general direction of the category.

Essentially any form of memorial that honours an individual or a group of individuals that are remembered for any reason. However, this category has exceptions are noted below.

Not allowed waymarks

Please do not submit any of the following that would fall into other existing categories. These include but not limited to:

If you are uncertain if something falls into this category submit it and the reviewers will see if it does come under this heading.

Instructions for Posting a Citizen Memorials Waymark:
Updated rules as of October 10th, 2019.
Please read through before submitting.

Your tasks

✔ Find

A cenotaph, a cairn, a plaque, or similar object that is dedicated to an individual or a group of people.
✔ Take pictures

Minimum of two photographs are required.

Do not include your GPS unit in the photographs.

(a) An overall picture of the memorial in context of its location; and

(b) A close up of the sign. This is a requirement; if there is no photo of the plaque which lists the name of of the person(s) then your submission will be declined. (Do make this photo your ‘default waymark image’.)

✔ Name

Name of the person or group of people being recognized – Community, (State/Province), Country.

Do not include the object's name, just the person or persons being honoured. [Effective October 10th, 2019]

Acceptable - Albert Einstein — Prague, Czech Republic
Not acceptable - Albert Einstein Orientation Table — Prague, Czech Republic

✔ Detailed description

The full text of the Citizen Memorial plaque and/or sign must be included in the detailed description. [Effective March 18th, 2012]

In addition, it is greatly appreciated to have more information about the people being honoured. We know that occasionally getting more about the person is difficult, therefore this is optional as sometimes there is very little information available on the monument or the people it is dedicated to. If possible, try to discuss the significance of the memorial.

✔ Website

Optional: If there is more information available please list it here. This can be about the memorial or the person or persons it is dedicated to.

✔ Location

Often memorials are in parks, plazas, and other named places, please include this information.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Add another photo of the memorial. You and/or your GPS can be in the photo, but this isn't necessary.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Website with more information on either the memorial or the person(s) it is dedicated to
  • Location
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Image for San Antonio María Claret y Clará - Firgas, Gran Canaria, Españaview gallery

EE103.2 km

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Citizen MemorialsSan Antonio María Claret y Clará - Firgas, Gran Canaria, España

in Citizen Memorials

Tile sign in memory of Saint Anthony Mary Claret at the church in Firgas.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Windschattenwanderer

location: Islas Canarias, Spain

date approved: 3/14/2019

last visited: never

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