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Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging
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Great getaway and lodging places which provide a quaint, rustic atmosphere. These three types of accommodations are grouped together in this category since in many cases they overlap each other in one way or another. This category is to make known many of these overnight facilities to travelers since they are usually not widely publicized. Each waymarked location is to convey the setting and condition of the facility so travelers can determine their preferred places to get away from it all.
Expanded Description:

Here is some history of each:

Chalet: Wooden dwellings with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other alpine regions. The word Chalet comes from the Franco-Provencal speaking area of Switzerland. It was originally used as a term for the home of cattle herders. The herders would bring their cattle from the valleys to the higher altitude regions during the warmer times of the year. The herders lived in the chalets during these times and worked to make cheese and butter (a method which preserved the milk). Just before winter would approach, the herders took their cattle and dairy products back to the valleys. Today, the term chalet is used by the hotel/motel industry as a reference for detached cottages. They often have self contained cooking facilities and bathrooms. They are often located near ski or mountain recreation areas. They can also be found along coastal regions as "weekenders".

Cottage: The term means "dweller of a cotter". In older times they usually housed farmers and herders as a normal residence; mostly for peasants. They were small and quaint, but sometimes included the primary farm house, barn, yard, and overall living and farming area of the property. They often had a half story above the first level which had a window and required maneuvering through the rafters to get around. Later in the 18th century, this term came to also be associated with the homes of weavers and miners. In modern days, cottages are typically referred to as weekend and summer getaways. They are also referred to as cabins in some areas as most cottages in certain regions are constructed of logs.

Cabin: Typically this is a simple dwelling made of logs. In the US at about 1640, log cabins were first constructed by the Swedish in Pennsylvania. Most of the cabins were not intended as permanent homes. Cabins were usually built in locations that allowed for ample sunlight, drainage, and management of frontier farmland. Cabin sizes were mostly based on the distance logs had to be transported, types of trees nearby, and the amount of building time allowed during the warmer season to ensure an adequate shelter was in place for the winter. Cabins became very elaborate in the mid 18th century. The Adirondack style cabins are what many US Park Service lodges used in the early 20th century. Today, many retreats, camp ground facilities, and upscale homes are built using logs. Here is a website showing a history of log cabins in the US:


Instructions for Posting a Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging Waymark:

Hopefully the history descriptions give you a good idea on the styles of over-night lodging accommodations this category is looking for. Please provide a thorough description of the facility to give people an opportunity for an informed decision of where they might like to stay.

Resources: Here is a website that is a directory for some of these places:

To post a waymark for this category, these accommodations:

  • Must Have a country, rustic, Swiss alpine, mountain, or wilderness type theme.
  • Located in nice areas which provide a getaway or vacation type atmosphere.
  • They are not restricted to single unit facilities, but not more than 6 units per building.
  • A-frames are allowed as long as the particular one you submit provides the spirit and intent of this category.
  • Facilities, grounds, and surrounding demographics must be in good, clean condition.
  • Can also include community use cabins that are situated in remote areas nestled in mountains which are open to the public for overnight hikers to seek shelter.
  • May be located in busy, small, vacation towns. This is acceptable as long as the style and intention of the facility is to provide the atmosphere mentioned above.
  • May be adjacent to a regular hotel/motel.
  • Certain bed and breakfasts are accepted here as long as they meet the above mentioned requirements; however, bed and breakfasts should also be listed in the Bed and Breakfast category.

Photograph requirements:
At least two non-copyrighted photographs must be submitted, but more are preferred:

  • 1. Main office building picture or one of the cabins exterior front(required and set as default image)
  • 2. Surrounding area photo (required)
  • 3. More surrounding area photos (optional, but would help)
  • 4. Photos of the exterior of the cabins
  • 5. Interior photo of a room
  • 6. Extras such as pools, meeting rooms, restaurants, ect.
  • 7. Playgrounds, fire pits, rivers, lakes, ponds, pavilions, etc.

The waymark name must be the name of the facility, city, and state/province/country. The location portion of the name should be separated by a semi colon. Properly listing the location makes waymark searches easier to find. For instance: a chalet called "Lumber Jack's Chalet" located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee should read "Lumber Jack's Chalet; Gatlinburg, TN".

Unaccepted wayamrks:

  • Inner-city, or run-down locations will not be accepted.
  • Large hotel chains
  • Lodging facilities that give the impression they are regular hotels veneered with wood.
  • Permanently closed locations (exception are facilities that closed after the waymark has been submitted may remain listed in the category for historical purposes or if there is question if the closed facility may be re-opened under new management. This is decided on a case by case basis between the waymark owner and group officers.)
  • Hostels
  • Lodges, with multiple family sleeping rooms, should be placed in the Lodge Style Accomodations category.

Waymark owner Maintenance:
The waymark poster is responsible for keeping the waymarked information current. Rates and other details change overtime. It is important for potential visitors to be informed of current information.

While the below listed variables are not required, please complete as many of them as possible. It is important to give as much information for would-be visitors. Asking the desk clerk, reviewing their website, or calling the facility will usually yield the answers.


Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

Please submit a photo(s) taken by you of your visit to the location (non-copyrighted photos only). GPS photos are also accepted with the location in the background, and old vacation photos are accepted. Additional pictures are appreciated of the area and facility to help others identify if this is the kind of place they want to stay. If you are not able to provide a photo, then please describe your visit or give a story about the visit

Notify the waymark owner of any changes in the status of the facility to ensure the waymark description is kept current. This may include changes in rates, area attractions, renovations, additions to facilities, increased lodging restrictions, etc.

If you visit and find the facility is closed permanently, notify both the group officers and waymark owner of the change. We will then update the waymark description and name to include the words "Closed permanently", and may consider the waymark to be archived.

Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly rates
  • Discounts available?
  • Kitchens or kitchenettes in the rooms?
  • Refrigerator?
  • Fireplaces in the rooms?
  • Handicap accessible rooms?
  • Restaurant on premises and type of restaurant?
  • Childcare provisions?
  • Swimming pool?
  • Meeting or convention room(s) available?
  • Office hours and any seasonal operating times or closed periods?
  • Describe ease of accessibility to the location using a vehicle, hiking, etc.
  • Office phone number
  • Office address
  • Website of facility
  • Types of recreation, activities, and attractions nearby
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Image for Naturfreundehaus auf dem Lemberg ; Schwäbisch Hall,Germanyview gallery

here0 km

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Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style LodgingNaturfreundehaus auf dem Lemberg ; Schwäbisch Hall,Germany

in Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging

Das Naturfreundehaus auf dem Lemberg bei Schwäbisch Hall bietet eine nette Unterkunft für jeglichen Reisenden. Das Lemberghaus ist bewirtschaftet.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Windego1

location: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

date approved: 2/20/2013

last visited: 2/16/2013

Image for Natur-Resort - Tripsdrill - Cleebronn, Germany, BWview gallery

WW46 km

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Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style LodgingNatur-Resort - Tripsdrill - Cleebronn, Germany, BW

in Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging

At the zoo 'Tripsdrill Wildparadies' in Cleebronn, Germany, Baden-Württemberg exists the possibility to rent a shepard's cart.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Tante.Hossi

location: Baden-Württemberg, Germany

date approved: 8/2/2017

last visited: 4/5/2018

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