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Metro stations & structures
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Your task is to find metro stations and/or structures with interesting architectural style.
Expanded Description:
Many mass transit stations were built with just one task in mind - to provide semi convenient way for crowds of people to board an underground train without taking care of the surroundings. Yet, as time passed, many stations started to be constructed with a higher lever goal, looking more like a palaces, like an architectural jewels. The main focus of this category is to collect and maintain a list of such stations, which made you really wonder how much of a beauty is buried underground.
Instructions for Posting a Metro stations & structures Waymark:
We are mostly interested in places with non conventional architecture or places with well described whereabouts.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
If you want to log a waymark from this category, we would request taking a minimum of two photographs. One proving that you have actually been at the place and a second one - yours most interesting view of the station you have visited.
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