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Four Kings Post Boxes (archived)
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Waymarking letterboxes set up during the reigns of the four 20th century kings of the UK - Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. A period of 50 years 1902-1952.
Expanded Description:
Any letterboxes with the logo for one of the four Kings specifically :-
Edward VII - logo EviiR
George V - logo GR
Edward VIII - logo EviiiR
George VI - logo GviR
They will usually be red but other colours are possible.
Instructions for Posting a Four Kings Post Boxes Waymark:
Post boxes must have been or still are used for commercial purposes, and be situated in a place with public access. Any type of post box will be accepted providing they are from the Four Kings period (1912-1952).
Post boxes in museums will be accepted. Only one waymark per museum, details of the museum must be given. Replicas will not be accepted.

Three photos must be provided:- (1) a close-up of the royal cipher, (2) one of the whole post box and (3) one of the general area, which should include the post box. (No need to include your GPSr).
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
You must provide a photo taken by yourself of the waymark.
Tell us about your visit.
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  • Any other embossed lettering, such as manufacturer?