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The purpose of this category is to discover the incredible variety of these pigeon houses that were built by humans from historic times to the present day throughout the world.
Expanded Description:
A dovecote is a structure intended to house pigeons or doves. Dovecotes may be free-standing structures in a variety of shapes, or built into the end of a house or barn. They generally contain pigeonholes for the birds to nest. - Source: Wikipedia -

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To be eligible in this category, the dovecote can be:
- a free-standing structure,
- built above or as part of a façade of a castle/house/barn, or
- carved into a cliff (troglodyte, parietal).
However, in all cases, pigeons historically must have been or currently must be able to enter and leave the building freely.

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It does not matter if the dovecote still houses pigeons or not because the value of this category is mainly architectural and not ornithological. Therefore, even dovecotes that have been converted into housing or are now used for other purposes will still be accepted.
Dovecote ruins will also be accepted if a visible part of their architecture still exists.

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What we are NOT looking for:
- bird houses (there is already a category for these here). However, to allow some modern dovecotes to be included in this category, we will accept structures that were designed to house at least 20 pigeons and that are so large that they could not be moved without heavy equipment (i.e. not transportable by two people).
- cages or aviaries (there is already a category for these here). These structures are mainly of ornithological, not architectural, interest.
- pigeon transporters, such as trucks for pigeon racing. The dovecote must be a static building, not a vehicle.

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Instructions for Posting a Dovecotes Waymark:
Location - City, Country (or States in USA)

Shirley Plantation - Charles City, VA
Château d'Ango - Dieppe, France
Converted barn - Cotswolds, UK

Required: At least one original quality photo taken by you of the entire dovecote. Internet pictures and Google street view will not be accepted.
Additional photos highlighting particular details of the dovecote, or providing a more distant view of the dovecote and its surrounding area will be greatly encouraged.

Any information about the dovecote (eg: century of construction, name of the domain to which it belongs or belonged, building's condition, presence or not of pigeons, current use) would be appreciated.
If there is a sign or plaque or national historical designation, please transcribe it (for signs) or link to it (for websites) to share the history of this dovecote with the world.

We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English (as lingua franca).

Put the coordinates of the easiest place to see the dovecote.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
The only condition to visit a Dovecote waymark is to upload at least one personal photo of the structure. Also, tell us a little about your visit and your opinion about its architecture.
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Image for Pigeonnier Abbaye de Bon Repos - St Gelven, Franceview gallery

EE98.5 km

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DovecotesPigeonnier Abbaye de Bon Repos - St Gelven, France

in Dovecotes

Les ruines de ce pigeonnier se trouve à l'Abbaye de Bon Repos, en Bretagne / The ruins of this dovecote is at the Abbey of Bon Repos, in Bretagne

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Gatinaise

location: Bretagne, France

date approved: 9/14/2019

last visited: never

Image for Colombier de Kernaudour - Bégard, Franceview gallery

NENE105.6 km

Log it!

DovecotesColombier de Kernaudour - Bégard, France

in Dovecotes

Le Colombier de Kernaudour a défié le temps et les hommes The Colombier de Kernaudour defied time and men

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member gemeloj

location: Bretagne, France

date approved: 5/6/2017

last visited: 6/22/2018

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