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Lucky 7
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Managed By: Icon Here Lucky 7
This is a Waymark game to find at least seven Waymarks in a given radius. You can find and submit more than seven, but you can only use each of the Waymark departments once. All must be your Waymarks. All must be within a half-mile (0.8 KM) radius. For an extra challenge, limit the radius to a tenth of a mile (0.16 KM). Some of us WM in target rich environment.

Any future nearby Lucky Seven Waymarks cannot reuse a Waymark (WM) used in a previous WM. This means you can only use each WM once.
Expanded Description:
Find at least seven Waymarks in close proximity of a given point of your choosing, each being in a different department. You can use the same object more than once, but it must be waymarked under another department to be reused. You can use one of your Waymarks you previously found. Visits to somebody else's Waymark can not be considered as one of your finds. However, you can find another category for a previously waymarked object. Do not reuse any Waymark used in a prior Lucky 7.

Many people already crosslist their finds under different categories, so we are not really creating a bunch of extra Waymarks, simply finding a grouping in one area. In effect, only one more is being created.


Center point This is an arbitrary location of your choosing, used to measure the distance to all of the Waymarks you are submitting or listing. There may be Waymark there, but there does not have to be; it is simply an anchor point. The coordinates for the center point will be those you use when you submit or record your Lucky 7.

Departments These are the various groups under which the categories are organized. Departments are not categories, so don't confuse the two terms. There are 15 Departments that Waymarking has created. Think of them as drawers where you would look for related categories and their descriptions. You can only use each department once as part of your Lucky 7. You can find another category in a different department for the same item.

Tally The total number of departments, that you are including with your Lucky 7 submission. If all are within a tenth of a mile radius, then you can multiply the number of departments used by two. Do not count the center point unless it is a real waymark. In this case, if I submit seven within a tenth of a mile, my tally would be 14. This was done to let others who live in less concentrated areas the chance to play too. I am sure there will be some heated competition to see who can get the highest score. And no, you cannot use both a half mile and a tenth mile radius, choose only one of these options.

Target an object to be waymarked.

Before you submit your Lucky 7, make sure all of your chosen waymarks have first been approved.

Here are the various departments and the numbers you will use to submit for the various departments chosen.

1. Animals

2. Buildings

3. Business

4. Culture

5. Entertainment

6. History

7. Measurement Standards

8. Monuments

9. Nature

10. Oddities

11. Recreation

12. Signs

13. Structures

14. Technology

15. Waymarking Multifarious

When you record your waymarks, give the department number followed by the waymark category name and then the waymark code. So if I am claiming my Dixie Chili find as one of my seven, I would list it as:

6-Dixie Highway-WM20ZJ

since it falls in the History/Culture department. I could list the same object or target under Business/Commerce and also under Signs if I had waymarks in these categories approved.

Instructions for Posting a Lucky 7 Waymark:
Find and then get approved at least seven Waymarks anywhere in the world. All Waymarks you choose as part of your Lucky 7 must be your Waymarks and not visits to waymarks found by others. In other words, they must be your finds. All Waymarks chosen must be approved and visible when we click on the "nearby waymarks". This is a way you can check on the distances before you submit it for approval. All must be within a half a mile. For an additional challenge and higher tally, all Waymarks listed should be within a tenth of a mile. If they are within a tenth of a mile, you can multiply the total Waymarks by two to come up with your tally number. So if you found ten within a tenth of a mile, your tally would be 20.


So if you find eight, and all but one are within a tenth of of a mile, then your total is eight, not fifteen. Do not count the Lucky 7 Waymark as one of the seven. You can use it in a future Lucky 7 Waymark nearby. Also, do not reuse any of the Waymarks you might have used in a prior Lucky 7 .

I will use the "List All Nearby Waymarks" link to review your submission.

Give the location of your find in the title. So for example, "Lucky Seven Near Punxsutawney, PA."

Use your center point coordinates when you list your Lucky 7 Waymark to be approved.

Include your tally number in the quick description so it can be seen.

In the long description, include the title of the Waymarks you are including, arranged in ascending departments numbers. So if you have a Pet Cemetery, it would be the first one. A Photos Then and Now would be the last in this list. I would suggest you cut and paste these into a document and then paste them into your long description.

When you list your grouping in the variables, provide the Waymark department number, the category name, and the Waymarking code, which is listed under the date posted in each of the Waymarks you are including with your Lucky 7.

This helps when reviewing the Lucky 7

No need to repeat this in the long description. So my if I used my Dixie Chili, it would be listed like this:

7-Dixie Highway-WM20ZJ

Include one picture of one of your finds when you submit your Waymark.

If you like, you can add something to your Lucky 7 at a later date. I suppose some will find additional Waymarks down the road. Just send one of us a note indicating you have edited your Waymark. I will be watching to see who is leading the pack and make note of this here and in the forums.

In all cases, you must have FUN doing this. This has proven to be a popular category.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
If you choose to visit a Lucky 7, please include a picture of the target of your favorite Waymark in the grouping. Include yourself in the picture if possible.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Department Number, Category Name, and Waymark Code
  • Check if all of your waymarks are within a 0.1 mile?
  • Tally
  • Reused Waymarks
  • Did you have fun while doing this waymark?
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Image for Lucky 7 in Perugia, Italyview gallery

here0 km

Log it!

Lucky 7Lucky 7 in Perugia, Italy

in Lucky 7

Lots of interesting waymarks in the center of Perugia, Italy (Tally: 20)

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member PISA-caching

location: Umbria, Italy

date approved: 10/07/2022

last visited: never

Image for Lucky 7 with God - Vatican Cityview gallery

SS134.5 km

Log it!

Lucky 7Lucky 7 with God - Vatican City

in Lucky 7

First in the Country

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Ariberna

location: Vatican City State

date approved: 01/21/2022

last visited: 02/27/2023

Image for St. Peter's Basilica Lucky 7 - Vatican City Stateview gallery

SS134.5 km

Log it!

Lucky 7St. Peter's Basilica Lucky 7 - Vatican City State

in Lucky 7

St. Peter's Basilica Lucky 7 features 7 waymarks within 0.07 miles from the center point with a tally of 14.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member denben

location: Vatican City State

date approved: 04/24/2023

last visited: never

Image for Roman Forum Lucky 7 - Roma, Italyview gallery

SS135.8 km

Log it!

Lucky 7Roman Forum Lucky 7 - Roma, Italy

in Lucky 7

The center point of the Roman Forum Lucky 7 is located near the Curia Julia. Our 10 waymarks are within 0,1 miles from this center point with a tally of 20.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member denben

location: Lazio, Italy

date approved: 01/13/2023

last visited: never

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