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Philatelic Photographs
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The object of this category is to find specific sites depicted on official government issued postage stamps, photograph them and record the coordinates.
Expanded Description:
The first adhesive postage stamp ever issued was the British "Penny Black" issued on May 1, 1840. Since then hundreds of postage stamps have been issued by every political entity in the world.

Postage stamps are windows into our cultures, depicting people, places, objects, and themes that represent who we are and where we live.

For the purposes of this category, a postage stamp must be an officially issued stamp by a governmental authority with a recognized listing in a major philatelic catalog or government listing. Privately issued or designed stamps will not be accepted. Cachets and designs on First Day Covers (FDC's) will also be considered for inclusion. See special FDC instructions.

Not every stamp will lend itself to inclusion in this category. It must bear the image of something that can actually be visited and photographed. The waymark must include both an image of the stamp and a photograph of its subject.

Instructions for Posting a Philatelic Photographs Waymark:

HOW TO: There are two phases to creating a waymark for this category.

First -- The selection and imaging of a postage stamp. The stamp must bear the image of something that can actually be visited and photographed. An image of the stamp must be included in the photo gallery. This may be done either by photographing it or scanning it. An image from the web or other source may be used as long as it is either in the public domain or you have permission to use it. Documentation for this permission must be given. In the case of an FDC, an image of the entire cover must be given AS WELL AS the individual stamp.

Second -- Find and photograph the site represented on the stamp. Every attempt should be made to duplicate the vantage point and perspective of the image on the stamp. Since sometimes the stamp images are drawings or other representations, this is not always possible. That will be part of the fun of this category. In the case of FDC's, the photograph may be matched either with the cachet or the stamp.

Since this is a PHOTOGRAPHIC category, the quality of the photographs submitted, both of the stamps and the actual site, will be taken into consideration when reviewing waymarks, and those that are substandard may be returned. Of course, professional quality photography is not expected, but there should be a reasonable attempt. Use of simple photo editors to enhance photographic quality is encouraged.

FDC'S: Waymarks based on FDC's are also welcome. In this case, you may choose either the image on the stamp(s) on the FDC or the cachet (or both). Just indicate in your description, and in the variables, which image you are using for your waymark.

DUPLICATES: Ah, the joy of all stamp collectors -- duplicates! Here are the special rules for duplicates in this category.

** You may post only ONE waymark of a particular actual site, even if you have multiple stamps of that site. For instance, Niagara Falls appears on more than one stamp, but you may post only one waymark for Niagara Falls.

** You may post a waymark of a particular site that ANOTHER person has posted IF you use a different stamp.

** If there are multiple, distinctly SEPARATE images on one stamp, you may post a waymark for each of them.

Though the requirements for this category are specific, the goal is to have FUN! So, if you have an idea that isn't covered here, or if you are in doubt, please ask and we'll see if there is room for some flexibility and creativity here.

NAME: The waymark name MUST follow a specific format -- Name of the site being photographed followed by its location (city, state, country, etc.).

COORDINATES: Obtained by GPS readings on a personal visit to the site. Coordinates from parking areas or viewing points will NOT be accepted unless physical access is somehow limited.

PHOTOS: At least TWO photos are required -- one of the stamp and one of the actual site following the guidelines above. These must be placed in the waymark's photo gallery.

NARRATIVE: Provide as much information as you can about the stamp and the site.

VARIABLES: These are provided as an easy way for you to communicate basic information about the facility you are documenting. Because not every item applies to every possible waymark, only a few are absolutely required. It is assumed, however, that you will make a good faith effort to provide the information in the variable section. If it appears that this is not the case, the waymark may be returned to your for further information.

SPECIAL NOTE: While the details outlined in our category description, and the requirements listed in the posting instructions, cover the MINIMUM elements and standards for all waymarks in this category, each waymark will also be evaluated by a volunteer reviewer for overall quality and appropriateness. If a reviewer deems that there are deficiencies in some aspect of the waymark, the waymark may be either declined or accepted with request for changes and/or additions in either content or format.

Each waymark will be evaluated on its own merits. We will endeavor to be reasonable and flexible while maintaining the quality standards for the category. If there is a disagreement, try to work it out with the evaluating officer, or appeal to the group leader, but we reserve the right to accept or decline a waymark based on our best judgement.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. All waymarks must have at least a short description in ENGLISH. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English. We have volunteer translators to help.

Relying on software or internet based translators, such as Babylon and Google Translate, may NOT yield accurate translations that are intelligible. Use these only when there is no alternative. Although we do not expect grammatical perfection, a waymark may be declined if there the English language is not understandable.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To post a visit log for this category, you must visit the actual site of the waymark. Post at least one photo that you personally took of the site if at all possible. If you cannot provide a photo for some reason, your visit will still be welcome.

You do NOT need to be a stamp collector to visit the waymark site, nor do you have to provide a photo of the stamp. Just having a copy of the stamp in question, however, is not sufficient; you must personally visit the site.
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Image for Library of Birmingham - Birmingham, U.K.view gallery

here0 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsLibrary of Birmingham - Birmingham, U.K.

in Philatelic Photographs

The Library of Birmingham in a series of special stamps named "Landmark Buildings" issued by Royal Mail in 2017 depicting 10 iconic buildings in the UK.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member vraatja

location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

date approved: 4/17/2019

last visited: 11/17/2018

Image for Selfridges Building - Birmingham, U.K.view gallery

EE1.1 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsSelfridges Building - Birmingham, U.K.

in Philatelic Photographs

An iconic architectural landmark of Birmingham - Selfridges Building - is depicted on one of six Great Britain postage stamps issued in 2006 in the series named "Modern Architecture" .

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member vraatja

location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

date approved: 4/15/2019

last visited: 4/21/2019

Image for Christ Church window - Coalville, Leicestershireview gallery

NENE45.5 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsChrist Church window - Coalville, Leicestershire

in Philatelic Photographs

The Nativity of Christ Church in Coalville is one of six in a series of stained-glass Nativity scenes depicted on the 2020 set of Christmas postage stamps.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member SMacB

location: East Midlands, United Kingdom

date approved: 11/5/2020

last visited: never

Image for Engineering Building, University of Leicester, Englandview gallery

EE55.4 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsEngineering Building, University of Leicester, England

in Philatelic Photographs

The Engineering building at the University of Leicester was one of four modern university buildings featured on a set of Great Britain postage stamps issued in 1971.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member hykesj

location: East Midlands, United Kingdom

date approved: 12/23/2018

last visited: never

Image for All Saints Church, Earls Barton, UKview gallery

EE81.9 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsAll Saints Church, Earls Barton, UK

in Philatelic Photographs

All Saints Church in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, was one of five village churches featured on a set of Great Britain stamps issued in 1972.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member hykesj

location: East Midlands, United Kingdom

date approved: 8/24/2018

last visited: never

Image for Roman Baths - Bath, Englandview gallery

SS126 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsRoman Baths - Bath, England

in Philatelic Photographs

This postage stamp depicts the ancient Roman Baths in Bath, England.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Marine Biologist

location: South West England, United Kingdom

date approved: 7/3/2012

last visited: 7/14/2017

Image for Stonehenge - Wiltshire, Englandview gallery

SS144.7 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsStonehenge - Wiltshire, England

in Philatelic Photographs

This postage stamp depicts the ancient and famous Stonehenge, a megalithic monument in Wiltshire, England, UK.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Marine Biologist

location: Southern England, United Kingdom

date approved: 7/5/2012

last visited: 7/13/2017

Image for Stonehenge-Wiltshireview gallery

SS144.8 km

Log it!

Philatelic PhotographsStonehenge-Wiltshire

in Philatelic Photographs

Stonehenge,Wiltshire 1st Class Stamp issue part of the Heritage Collection.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Norfolk12

location: United Kingdom

date approved: 6/13/2008

last visited: 7/13/2017

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