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Fly like an Eagle
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Fly like an Eagle and attain level of the Eagle Knight!
Please keep it fun - lite - and exciting!!!
Expanded Description:
The "Fly like an Eagle" category is under games because this category is used to list placed for members of the Eagle Knights of Eagle Federation to travel for advancement. Eagle Knight is a title given to various members of the Eagle Federation. The Eagle Knight is required to keep the mind and body in good condition thus Geocaching has been named as a sport for the Eagle Knight's conditioning. The use of Waymarking will allow for a much broader use GPS. Membership to this category is open to the public and there is nothing sacred or hidden. Eagle Federation will also be open to many postings from people outside of the group. Keep in mind that the Eagle Knights are a Christian group. We do not require a person to be or claim to be a Christian to be in the group, but these waypoints will point to a Christian theme in most cases. Waymarks that should be listed in this category include areas that require either some still to find or a lesson from the search. Examples: 1. A waypoint in this category could include a long hike. 2. A waypoint in this category could include an overnight camping trip to teach outdoor skills. 3. A waypoint in this category could include an historical place of interest such as a museum or an old church that has a moral or literal message for the Eagle Knight.
Instructions for Posting a Fly like an Eagle Waymark:
Keep in mind that the Eagle Knights are a Christian group and exclusions to the list would be waypoints that try to either discredit Christians or would put a person in a compromising positions. (ex. night clubs, dangerous areas or high crime areas, topless clubs.)

We will appreciate the participation of non-members and would like to see postings of waymarks by non-members because this would enhance the variability of the resources in this section. Keep in mind this is in the game section because the waypoints should be fun, educational, or make use of some type of skill to attain. By skill I am referring to camping, rock climbing, scuba diving, or even sky diving could be considered a waypoint here.

If a skill such as skydiving or scuba is needed please include how to get the training for the skill such as a trainer nearby or in the case of skydiving references to a tandem skydiver who will assist in the trip would be great.
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