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Canada's Centennial 1967
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Waymark loctions with a permanent legacy from Canada's 1967 Centennial Celebrations
Expanded Description:
In 1967, Canada celebrated it's centennial year as a nation. Celebrations occurred from coast to coast, with many communities launching projects to mark these festivities. It was very similar to how the Millenium was celebrated in 2000.

1967 marked a high point for Canadians before the 1970s ravaged our economy and culture. Pierre Berton has referred to 1967 as the "last good year" for Canadians.

- In Montreal, Expo 67 was held and the Queen visited.
- In Toronto, the Caribana Parade was launched
- In Winnipeg, the Pan-American Games were held
- In Ottawa, the Eternal Flame was lit at the Peace Tower on New Year's Eve
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