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Groundspeak Premium MemberTygress visited Pirate home of Jean Lafitte 1817 - Galveston, Texas
Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's sight for me
Here a ruin, purty in its way
Crane photographic'ly
Read the fine print
Lest you're led astray
Lafitte's house these stones don't be
Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's sight for me

So these are the ruins, actually, of the house built OVER Lafitte's place. I wondered about that... and it only took reading the historical marker five times to have the a-ha!
According to Shirley (our wonderful native guide) folks were SURE they'd find Lafitte's treasure on the grounds. Like he'd leave that for the revenuers to find. While some odd coins and jewels were found (well, I loose stuff behind my dressers, too), the only 'treasure' was the box and bones of Lafitte's "Greatest Treasure" -- his wife who died of the yellow fever. But still they came to dig -- so the lot is fenced. Probably some attractive nuisance concerns, too...

Lots more Lafitte stories, of course... we was a great asset to the Revolutionary War, and would have been better still if our founding fathers weren't so squiffy about taking up a contract with a pirate. Ah, me...

Drive-by visit today (more time was spent in 2008), as I'm just a passenger on the bus. Here for the TexasWater Conference, taking a wander around Galveston with a wonderful Native Guide (ask for Shirley; you won't be disappointed!)