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Groundspeak Regular MemberGershon_ben_Franja visited Pueblo Union Depot - Pueblo, Colorado
I've been visiting Depots in the area. This one is in my home town and since I didn't have time to travel, I decided to visit it.

My way is to visit the station and to write my own opinions before researching it. I had deduced the station was built later than others in the area as the development of the town didn't seem to match this station as the source of development, but something added on later. The excellent historical writeup for this waymark shows why.

The original development seems to have its seed in a point further north along Sante Fe. Probably in the area of 1st. Street. But I can't find a record of older depots to prove it. The reason I deduce this is the names of the streets and the placement of the bank, city hall, post office, etc. To the east, development seems to be stimulated by the Erie line.

A look at the railroad map of the time shows why Pueblo was destined to grow. It was the intersection of the major lines as pointed out in the writeup.

I'm learning to see small stations as seeds of development. If they are along one line, the town is smaller. If there is a connection to intersecting lines, the town can really grow as can be seen with Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver if one looks at a map of the times.

Unfortunately, the museum is closed, but I'll visit it another time.