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Groundspeak Premium MemberYoSam. wrote comment for Missouri State Guard Militia, Nevada, Missouri
Actually this shown is the backsode of the monument. The front is about the Battle of Dry Wood. it reads:

"The Battle of Drywood. September 2, 1861. After their victory at Wilson's Creek, on August 10, 1861, Gen. Sterling Price's 12,000 Missouri State Guards marched north and camped near Nevada on the evening of August 31. Next day 500 men felt out the 1800 Federals at Ft. Scott, Kan., led by Jayhawkers James Lane and James Montgomery. Fearing invasion, lane prepared to retreat, ordering Montgomery to hold Ft. Scott at long as possible and then burn it. On Sept 2, Montgomery crossed into Missouri to feel out Price. The tow forces skirmished over Big Drywood Creek around Hogan's Ford, two miles south of Deerfield. Price brought up his whol army, and afer a daylong artillery duel the Kansans retreated. Casualties, on both sides were light. The Missourians camped on the field and then resumed their march north to their victory at Lexingon on Sept 18-10."