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The mission of this Waymarking category is to encourage reading within families. Members of this group dedicate themselves to promoting the creation of Waymarks in locations mentioned in books, and/or related to characters found in books, either fiction or nonfiction and/or the books' authors. The books can be written for any age level.

To Post Waymarks for “Literary Book Marks for Families":
1. When creating a Waymark for this group, you must first read the book related to the site.
2. Waymarks can be any location mentioned in a book, such as places characters lived, frequented, or visited. They can also be homes, businesses, or the burial grounds of nonfiction characters or locations related to the book's author.
3. When posting the Waymark, you must cite the book's title, author, and date of publication related to the Waymark. Quote a short passage from the book and/or provide an explanation illustrating the relationship between the book and the geographic location. Provide the book’s targeted age level..
4. The site must be visible or accessible to the general public and at least seasonally available. (Let readers know when it’s available, if not year-round).
5. Provide the site’s coordinates.
6. Post an original photo of the site’s location. You must personally visit the site and not just post a friend’s photo or stock image of the Waymark location.
7. Please include original photos of any interpretive signs, and transcribe the photo’s text if it is not clearly legible in the photo. If the text is not written in English, translating the text into English is desirable but not necessary.
8. Most importantly, in order to accomplish the group’s goal of promoting family reading, encourage families to read this book and travel to the Waymarking location in order to log their visit on Waymarking. A family could even build vacations around these Waymarking activities (for example, sites and books related to the Oregon Trail), or they might just read your suggested book and visit the Waymark when traveling near one of your Waymarking locations.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Post a photo of yourself at/with the waymark and describe your experience. List any changes to the waymark since the original posting.
Category Settings:
Waymarks can be added to this category
New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published.

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