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founder: Manville Possum
date created: 8/1/2010
no. of members: 3
description/mission statement:
To identify and record the locations of old Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, Carriage Blocks, Watering Troughs and similar stone, concrete or iron objects in their original locations that aided a person tethering, mounting, or dismounting a horse or carriage that are of historical interest and were in use in the era when a horse was the main form of transportation before the automobile.

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Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks allows ratings 8/15/2010
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Total Records: 3 - Page: 1 of 1
Manville Possum - Leader
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last login: 4/22/2019
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For you and the horse you rode in on.
MoonPie Mafia - Officer 1
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last login: 2/23/2019
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Ambrosia - Officer 2
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"...the watercolour ponies will one day ride away..."