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A weather station is a group of instruments for
measuring atmospheric conditions, usually in a support
structure which protects some of the equipment from
harsh conditions.

Expanded Description:
A weather station is a facility with instruments and
equipment to make weather observations by monitoring
atmospheric conditions to study the weather.

Typical weather stations have the following

* thermometer for measuring temperature
* barometer for measuring barometric pressure
* hygrometer for measuring humidity
* anemometer for measuring wind speed
* wind vane for measuring wind direction
* rain gauge for measuring precipitation

Except for those instruments requiring direct exposure
to the elements (anemometer, rain gauge), the
instruments should be sheltered in a vented box
(usually a Stevenson screen) to keep direct sunlight
off the thermometer and wind off the hygrometer. The
instrumentation may be specialized to allow for
periodic recording otherwise significant manual labour
is required for record keeping. Automatic transmission
of data, in a format such as METAR, is also desirable
as many weather station's data is required for weather
forecasting. (via
(visit link)

Instructions for Posting a Waymark in this Category:
1) The stations must be full weather stations. Not
single weather vanes or thermometers.
2) A clear photo of the station is required to be
posted to the waymark page.
3) The coordinates must be for the weather station
itself. If the station area cannot be reached because
it is closed to the public for safety reasons, use the
designated viewing area for that station. Please do
not submit coordinates derived from the Internet.
4) Related web site or research material that will
enhance the WM is always strongly encouraged.
5) If you log this WM before it is approved, it can be
justification for a declined notice.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
You must post Waymark coordinates as well as a picture
of you with a GPSr or Geocaching/Waymarking
attire/equipment and the subject weather station in
the background. The main photo should be of just the
weather station itself.

Category Settings:
* Waymarks can be added to this category
* New waymarks of this category are reviewed by
the category group prior to approval
* Category is visible in the directory

* Photo of the Weather Station by itself?
* Type of Station
* Station Designation (METAR/AIM/ICAO location

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