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Flags of Organizations

by:  Flag Wavers 

This group will seek out and record examples of flags that represent organizations, corporations, institutions, businesses, agencies, or any other group that is not a political/governmental division. Only ONE example of any specific flag will be accepted into the category.

Burger Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Burger Barons 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL burger shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Pizza Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Pizza Pizza Pizza 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL pizza shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Coffee Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Coffee Connoisseurs 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL coffee shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Amateur Baseball Fields allows ratings

by:  Field of Dreams 

Description: We are looking for those places where amateur baseball or softball is played. This can be little league, schools and colleges. It can be on school, community, or city fields. The description should include the location and/or name of the field. (Example: Joe Bechtel Field, Grass Lake HS, Grass Lake, MI)

1866 Austro-Prussian War Memorials allows ratings

by:  1866 Austro-Prussian War Waymarkers 

Waymark category for memorials of Austro-Prussian war (1866)

Satellite Imagery Oddities

by:  Googly Earth Seekers 

A category to waymark real-world oddities and other awesome looking sites that are seen on satellite imagery.

Persian Gulf War Memorials

by:  Gulf War Memorials 

A category dedicated to waymarking memorials, plaques and monuments to the Persian Gulf War.

Outdoor Stairways

by:  Stairways Runners 

Task is to find and waymark long outdoor stairways.

Stolpersteine allows ratings

by:  Stolpernde Steine 

Stolpersteine - A project that keeps alive the memory of displaced and downtrodden Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, political refugees, and all other victims during the national socialism era.

College Football Stadiums

by:  College Football Stadiums 

This category is to document all the meccas of College Football fandom. Every fall, these stadiums fill up every Saturday with loud and loyal fans.

Baroque Architecture

by:  Admirers of Baroque  

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find either an original Baroque or Rococo (Late-Baroque) building or structure to post in this category.

Time and Temperature Signs allows ratings

by:  Time and Temperature Signs 

This category is a collection of signs that display the current time and temperature.

Tearooms and Teahouses allows ratings

by:  Tea Leaf Friends 

Here you can order a cup of tea (herbal, chai, maté, loose leaf) and enjoy drinking it on the premises. We are looking for both independent tearooms and franchises of larger tearooms.

Man-made Devilish Locations allows ratings

by:  The Saints & Sinners 

Have you always been fascinated with places called Devil's This or Satan's That? Have you found such a place only to find the Devilish Location Category won't accept it because it's a man-made place? Then stick it, stick it here. This category is for man-made locations or objects with "Devil" or "Hell" or "Satan" or some variation in the name.

Gothic Architecture allows ratings

by:  Gothic Stonemasons 

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find either an original Gothic (not pseudo-/neo-Gothic or Gothic Revival) building or structure (with these exceptions: religious buildings and castles) to post in this category.

Rhode Island Historical Markers

by:  Rhode Island Reds 

The purpose of this category is to seek out and document historical markers and plaques with text describing an historical event or place within the U.S. state of Rhode Island.

Petrosomatoglyphs allows ratings

by:  Petrosomatoglyphists 

Have you seen Petrosomatoglyphs? I think you have if you just know what it is. If you have seen footmarks, handmarks, animal footmarks and shoemark imprints on concrete, rockbed, cement, tiles, asphalt pavements and even wood surfaces you have maybe found one to be waymarked.

Panera Bread Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Panera Bread Lover's 

A category to Waymark all Panera Bread bakery-cafés.

Salvation Army Locations

by:  SalArmy Searchers 

This category is for documenting the locations that are Salvation Army related, internationally. These can include churches, camps, schools, centers, etc.

Bell Towers

by:  Bell Tower Managers 

To locate and waymark bell towers that are either still in use or dormant. Many towers have unique architecture and very useful in their design. Towers for this group MUST not be able to fall into either Static Displayed Bells or Carilions Waymarking groups.

National Wild and Scenic Rivers

by:  National Wild and Scenic Rivers 

Waymark the beginning, end or any one or more wild, scenic or recreational locations along the portion of a River that has been designated as a National Wild and Scenic River or that programs equivalent in countries outside of the United States.

Latvian Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Latvian geocachers 

This type of waymarks allows you to register benchmarks located in Latvia. Šis ceļazīmju tips ļauj reģistrēt Latvijā esošos ģeodēziskos punktus.

Artistically Decorated Utility Boxes allows ratings

by:  Utility Box Art Seekers 

To locate artistically decorated utility, electrical, and traffic signal boxes.

Electric Palm Trees allows ratings

by:  The Amperage Arborists 

Not to be confused with rotospheres, or fireworks trees, they're Electric Palm Trees. Please read the expanded description.

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