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Converted Bank Buildings

by:  Converted Banks 

A category to waymark former bank buildings that now are used for different purposes.

Childhood Homes allows ratings

by:  Childhood Homes 

This category will collect all the places that were childhood homes to famous people.


by:  Marinas 

This category is to waymark marinas, owned either publicly or privately, which are defined generally as a facility for publicly or privately owned powerboats, rowboats, and sailboats, typically offering docking, fuel, off-season out-of-water storage and other services; sometimes with a restaurant. This category if for those sites not covered by the Sailing and Yacht Clubs category.

Renaissance Architecture allows ratings

by:  Renaissance Musketeers 

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find either an original Renaissance (not pseudo-/neo-Renaissance) building or structure to post in this category.

Improved Order of Red Men

by:  Red Men 

America's oldest fraternal organization, chartered by Congress. The fraternity traces its origins back to 1765 and is descended from the Sons of Liberty.

One-Room Schoolhouses

by:  One-Room Schoolhouses 

The purpose of this category is to waymark existing and/or historic One-Room Schoolhouses.

Blacksmith Shops allows ratings

by:  Blacksmith Shops 

This category will locate, photograph, and waymark existing, historical, and former blacksmith shops.

Laser Tag Facilities

by:  Tag, you're it! 

A category to waymark locations that offer laser tag to the public.

Great Lines of Earth allows ratings

by:  Parallel waymarkers 

The Great Lines of earth category is for markers, plaques, signs or other man-made objects like statues, monuments, etc., that indicate any of the following: the five major circles of latitudes, equal degree of latitudes (parallells), equal degree of longitude (meridians), or historical meridians.

Readable From Above allows ratings

by:  Those Crazy Humans! 

Complete words appearing in readable form, in any aerial or satellite map provider's online view of the location.

Dive Shops

by:  SCUBA Squad 

This is a listing of Dive shops and the services they provide. It will also assist divers with hours of operation and types of gas they have on site, charters etc.

Inside Airports allows ratings

by:  Inside Airports 

While traveling, log your layovers!

Magic Shops

by:  Magicians 

This is a category to help all you budding magicians find a place to purchase your magic props.

Bear Statues allows ratings

by:  Bear Statues 

Statues of grizzly, polar, black, brown, kodiak, etc.. this is the place for it.

The Underground

by:  The underground  

Underground (tube,metro) stations around the world.

The Local Neighborhood Grocer

by:  Shopping Locally 

Many neighborhoods have their own corner grocer, that quirky little store where the locals shop, and few others know it even exists. My family owned and operated one such market from the late 1920s through the mid 1940s. Even now, some 60 years later, this little corner grocer still exists. The object of this group is find and document these little markets.

Taffy Pulling Machines

by:  Taffy Pulling Machines 

No trip to the coast is complete unless you visit the nearest candy store to grab a bag of "salt water" taffy. Many of these store fronts have a machine pulling taffy around the clock, mesmerizing those who pass by. If you can break yourself from it's hypnotizing spell, snap a photo and tell us about the taffy!

IHOP Restaurants allows ratings

by:  IHOP Restaurants 

This is an attempt to locate ALL of those well-recognized establishments worldwide.

1000 Places to See Before You Die

by:  The Bucket List Brigade 

Help us build a waymarking "Bucket List" of sites, cities, and experiences as indexed in travel writer Patricia Schultz's bestselling books, "1000 Places To See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List."

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives allows ratings

by:  Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives 

The group Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is dedicated to waymarking those independent establishments that have been featured in nationally syndicated food programs for their ability to excel in the culinary arts. We start with the restaurants featured on our favorite food critic television series such as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, the Great Canadian Food Show, and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. Then we search out and investigate those restaurants ourselves.

Flags of Organizations

by:  Flag Wavers 

This group will seek out and record examples of flags that represent organizations, corporations, institutions, businesses, agencies, or any other group that is not a political/governmental division. Only ONE example of any specific flag will be accepted into the category.

Burger Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Burger Barons 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL burger shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Pizza Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Pizza Pizza Pizza 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL pizza shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Coffee Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Coffee Connoisseurs 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL coffee shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.

Amateur Baseball Fields allows ratings

by:  Field of Dreams 

Description: We are looking for those places where amateur baseball or softball is played. This can be little league, schools and colleges. It can be on school, community, or city fields. The description should include the location and/or name of the field. (Example: Joe Bechtel Field, Grass Lake HS, Grass Lake, MI)

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