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LDS Church History Sites

by:  Mormon History 

LDS Church History Sites will contain waymarks for places where important events in LDS history took place. This category would not contain LDS Temple sites, since there is already a category for those.

Official Local Tourism Attractions allows ratings

by:  Vacationing with Waymarking 

“Are you going on a vacation or business trip? Having trouble locating an interesting attraction? Look here for a comprehensive list of attractions and sightseeing options and their coordinates near your destination!”

Wee Folk Fairy Doors allows ratings

by:  Wee Folk & Fairy Door Managers 

This group's mission is to waymark any magical creatures (fairy, elf, gnome etc.) miniature door that is accessible to the public.

Truss Bridges allows ratings

by:  Truss Bridges 

This category is to waymark truss type bridges around the world. These bridges can be currently in use or can be abandoned but still standing.

Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers allows ratings

by:  Local Information  

To create a list of government/chamber of commerce operated facilities that allow travelers to find out about local information and things to do during their visit in town.

Non-Specific Veteran Memorials

by:  Never Forget 

To locate, photograph and document non-specific or multi-war veteran memorials or monuments.

Aviation Museums allows ratings

by:  Aviation Museum Managers 

Aviation museums from your neighborhood airfield to locations around the world.

Modern Olympic Venues allows ratings

by:  Modern Olympic Events Managers 

The modern Olympics have been held around the world. Cities have built special venues to host individual events or used existing locations. What has happened to them?

Cityscapes allows ratings

by:  City Viewers 

A view of a city or town from a hill, from a structure, or across a body of water such as a bay or a lake.

Retired Prisons

by:  Retired Prisons 

Find and log a prison, jail or penitentiary, that is no longer being used to detain people. *UPDATE 9/21/17* This category will now require former prisons and jails to still exist in order to qualify.

National Parks of the World allows ratings

by:  Natural National Parks of the World 

A national park is a reserve of land, usually owned by a national government, protected from most human development and pollution. National parks are usually located in places which have been largely undeveloped, and often feature areas with exceptional native animals, plants and, biodiversity, or unusual geological features. [Wikipedia article "National park"]

U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments allows ratings

by:  Historic Survey Stones and Monuments 

This category is for non-disk monuments located in the United States whose position was established by surveying.

National Parks (U.S.) allows ratings

by:  US National Park Service 

National Parks Services are located around the United States showing us history, culture, education, recreation and various other beauties. The Park MUST be listed on the US National Park Service Website before it can be accepted into this category! Please make sure that this waymark is listed on the US National Park page. Please read FULL description.

ANWB Paddenstoelen allows ratings

by:  Paddo-Officers 

ANWB Paddenstoel wegwijzers voor fietsers - Mushroom signposts for cyclists

Canoe/Kayak Trips allows ratings

by:  Canoe Trips 

Waymarks in this category mark the parking coordinates for a canoe or kayak trip launching spot.

Public Aquariums

by:  Aquarium Waymarking Group 

A public aquarium where fish, sharks, dolphins, penguins, and other underwater animals are kept and shown to the public.

Gluten Free Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Gluten Free 

This category is for restaurants that offer safe and savory Gluten Free fare. It benefits those who are gluten intolerant or have Celiac Disease, so they do not have to go hungry when they visit a restaurant with friends and family.

'Marry Me' Markers

by:  Has a nice RING to it. 

Share the story and location behind your engagement.

Confluence Spots allows ratings

by:  Confluence Crew 

This category is for all of the Coordinate Confluence Spots in the World.

Japanese Gardens allows ratings

by:  Japanese Garden Group 

Japanese gardens derive their beauty from a blending of different elements such as sand or gravel, rocks, water, ornaments (lanterns, bridges, etc.), natural plants, and the garden’s surroundings. It is a favorite style of gardening found not just in Japan but worldwide.

Hidden Mickeys

by:  Hidden Mickey Finders 

A Hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse hidden amongst rides and attractions at any of the Disney resorts and theme parks.

Flower Fields allows ratings

by:  Flower Fields Managers 

This category is for locations where a large field of flowers can be viewed. There are cultivated fields, abandoned pastures, wildflower preserves and unknown out of the way locations. All are welcome.

Carnivorous Plant Localities allows ratings

by:  Carnivorous Plant Localities Managers 

These waymarks provide locations to safely viewing carnivorous plants in specialized nurseries, cultivation, and the wild. Native species can be found throughout the world from the tropics to sub-artic. Collecting or disturbing these localities is prohibited.

U.S. Civil War Sites allows ratings

by:  Civil War History Group 

This category is for U.S. Civil War sites that are not included in the Civil War Discovery Trail or do not have a Historical Marker that is associated with it.

Highway Rest Areas allows ratings

by:  Highway Rest Areas 

This category catalogs worldwide highway rest areas (also called service plazas, rest stops, service areas, welcome centers, or travel plazas). They are public facilities, located adjacent to a major highway that offer, at a minimum, parking and restroom facilities.

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