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A + W Restaurants allows ratings

by:  The Frosties 

Find and waymark as many old and new "A&W Restaurant" locations as possible.

Gates of Distinction allows ratings

by:  The Gatekeepers 

With this 'Category' we would like to find Unique, Historic, Ornamental or "Classy" Garden or Driveway gates that are appealing to the eye and make you want to stop and take a picture.
*All postage size photos will be rejected*

Candy Stores allows ratings

by:  Sugar Junkies 

A candy store sells confectionery such as chocolates, sweetmeats, taffy, and hard candy and is usually targeted to children or tourists. The selection is often novel and offers special regional treats that can be tough to find anywhere else.

Independent Doughnut Shops

by:  Doughnut Holes 

Marking the locations of independent doughnut shops around the world.

Highway Giants - Muffler Men allows ratings

by:  Highway Giant Muffler Men 

They're big. They're scary. And there are hundreds of them! Have you seen a Muffler Man during your travels? Did you get a picture of him? Do you know where one is? If you do this is the place to tell about it.

Martial Arts allows ratings

by:  Martial Artists 

This category lists the locations of martial arts training facilities throughout the world, from the smallest dojo to the largest hombu.

Independent Pizza Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Independent Pizza Restaurants 

To list and record all independent Pizza restaurants throughout the world. Franchises need not apply.

Maori Historic Sites allows ratings

by:  Maori Historic Places 

This category is to identify Maori historic sites in New Zealand including both working marae and historic marae sites, pa and other sites of significance to early Maori.

Used Video-Game Stores allows ratings

by:  Italian Plumbers 

Stores that buy and sell used video games.

Dairy Queen Restaurants

by:  Cool Treats! 

Looking for a cone to bring some relief from the heat? Maybe something a little more decadent in an ice cream treat? Here we provide a list of the Dairy Queen locations of the world.

Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits allows ratings

by:  Mission Control 

The goal of this category is to identify and waymark places with historical and/or educational significance related to manned space flight.

Mines allows ratings


A site to way mark all kinds of mines from around the world, working or abandoned mines, metal (ie Tin, Copper, Zinc etc) or non metal mines (ie Coal, Diamond, Salt etc). To exclude quarries (ie where road stone or a none specific mineral is worked. To include open pits / mines ie Coal, Copper, Gypsum etc). Excludes natural caves unless exploited for mineral (ie Derbyshire Blue John Mines or similar). Can include named placer or alluvial mine sites.

Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures allows ratings

by:  World Fair Fanatics 

World Fairs have been around for over 150 years and their buildings and landscaping are often very innovative. This category seeks to waymark those unique, permanently built, historic places designed for World Fairs and Expositions.

New Zealand Historic Places allows ratings

by:  New Zealand Historic Places 

Locations of New Zealand areas with historical significance.

Michigan Centennial Farms

by:  Michigan Centennial Farms 

Photograph and Waymark Michigan Centennial Farms, and Their Markers.

Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Features allows ratings

by:  Missoula Flood Managers 

From Montana, across Northern Idaho, over Eastern Washington, and finishing up in Oregon at the Pacific Ocean the floods left features that are very visible today. Log these features and let others know the history of the floods from Glacial Lake Missoula.

Police Stations allows ratings

by:  The Police 

Police stations, sub stations or other buildings related to police work.

School Mascots allows ratings

by:  Mascot Maniacs 

Statues of official school mascots.

Indoor Malls allows ratings

by:  Malls lot and lots of malls 

A category to waymark indoor shopping malls.

Burger King Restaurants

by:  Burger King Restaurants 

To list and record over 11,100 Burger King Restaurants throughout the world, and Hungry Jacks in Australia.

Elvis allows ratings

by:  Graceland's Groundskeepers 

Elvis Lives - Locations of places and memorabilia related to the life, career, and events of the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley. Waymark *MUST* have a direct tie to Elvis - a place he performed, lived, something he owned, signed, etc. A simple mural or painting on a wall does NOT qualify! Neither do Elvis records, poster re-prints, non-original reproduction items, etc.

Piers allows ratings

by:  Fishing Piers 

Any pier that allows fishing or just enjoying the aquatic environment!

Animal Hospitals allows ratings

by:  Pet Pals 

Animal Hospitals and Veterinarian Offices - wherever animals receive health care.

Stone Bridges allows ratings

by:  Bridge Masters 

Stone bridges of all types

Superlatives allows ratings

by:  Extremists 

Discover items, places, people, events, etc. that represent the extremes of their class, identified by any superlative (with a few exceptions).

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