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'You Are Here' Maps

by:  "You Are Here" Managers 

We've all seen those maps at the Mall or at an Amusement Park or even around town that have a little star or some other marker and say "You Are Here," That is what we are looking for in this Category.

Weather Stations allows ratings

by:  Weather Stations 

A weather station is a group of instruments for measuring atmospheric conditions, usually in a support structure which protects some of the equipment from harsh conditions.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants

by:  Cracker Barrel Restaurants 

The Cracker Barrel Restaurant Group would like to document all locations of Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

Engineering Landmarks allows ratings

by:  Engineering Masters 

Several engineering organizations have designated structures around the world as official landmarks or special sites. Examples range from buildings and bridges to roadways and dams. These are modern marvels of ingenuity, design and construction.

Waymark Tours (WayTours) allows ratings

by:  EcoMarking 

Waymarking tours (WayTours) are short, guided tours of towns. These are for any visitors to a town who want an "insider's look" of where to go, what to see, and what to do.

Obelisks allows ratings

by:  Obelisks...not Obelix 

A category for all obelisks 10 ft (3 meters) and over.

Cigar Store Indians allows ratings

by:  Cigar store Indian 

Wanted: Real wooden Cigar Store Indians! This group wants to find out where they are still used today.

Christian Crosses allows ratings

by:  Christian Crosses 

The goal of this category is to locate interesting christian crosses all around the world.

Public Swimming Pools allows ratings

by:  Lifeguards 

We are looking for all those Public Swimming Pools out there to help you cool off during these dog days of summer.

Tennis Facilities allows ratings

by:  Tennis Facilitators 

The purpose of this category is to waymark places to play and watch tennis around the world.

Googie Architecture allows ratings

by:  The Googie-Bots of Dawn 

When the Jetsons ruled the Earth...

Roman Catholic Churches allows ratings

by:  Sextons 

The Roman Catholic Church dates its origins to the first century A.D. and now has many thousands of churches in nearly every country of the world. Many of them are of historic and architectural interest, but large, small, new, old, simple or ornate they are all welcome here.

Independent Diners allows ratings

by:  Food Enthusiasts 

This Category is for Privately Owned and Operated Diners and Cafes. NO FRANCHISES!

Kilroy Was Here allows ratings

by:  The Kilroys 

This category is for the posting of any and all "Kilroy Was Here" locations. Also included are Chads (UK), Clems (CAN), and Foos (AUS), which of course are similar to Kilroy.

Self Serve Pet Wash allows ratings

by:  Clean Cats and Canines 

The Self Serve Pet Wash category waymarks locations to take your pet to to get them ready for the house or the dog show.

Wagon Roads and Trails allows ratings

by:  Wagon Roads & Trails 

This is a waymark to document all of the wagon roads & trails used by Native Americans, emigrants, merchants, U.S. Government, and stagecoaches in the expansion of the United States & Canada.

Dixie Highway

by:  Dixie Highway Patrolmen 

The Dixie Highway carried early auto tourists from the Midwestern US and Canada to Florida. When the US highway system was established, most of this system was absorbed into the nascent numbering system, some were not. Over time, much of it has been renamed, and the remaining named portions are like an incomplete puzzle. This category is an effort to fill in those missing pieces, connecting what time and progress have severed.

Humane Societies and Rescues

by:  Lost Dogs 

Listing of Humane Societies and Rescues. Places where you can go to adopt an animal, or where your animal might end up if they are lost.

Free For Your Birthday allows ratings

by:  Birthday Freeloaders 

We are collecting all locations that offer food, merchandise or admission free for your birthday.

Takeout / Delivery Menus allows ratings

by:  Delivery Team 

If you're feeling hungry and want something delivered (or ready for pickup), it's great to have a list of takeout and/or delivery menus in the area.

Hard Rock Cafe

by:  Hard Rockers 

This category is for waymarking Hard Rock Cafes, Casinos, and Hotels

Cathedrals allows ratings

by:  Cathedrals 

Identifies religious buildings that are, or have been, called a cathedral.

Agricultural Fairgrounds allows ratings

by:  Laissez Faire 

County fairs, state fairs, even city fairgrounds - we want them all! Show your hometown pride by listing your local agricultural fairgrounds - show us your cows, your horses, your corn, and, of course, your BAKED GOODS. "Coney Islands" and carnivals need not apply.

Trail of Tears allows ratings


To Waymark of all the Trail Of Tears Markers. Across the 2,200 miles and 9 States. After Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, May 28, 1830, the government forceably relocated about 60,000 Indians from the southeastern U.S. to what is now Oklahoma. This included the Five (5) Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Choctaw and Seminole. When Andrew Jackson ran for President in 1828, he pledged to move the Indians west of the Mississippi River.

Target Stores allows ratings

by:  Target Team Members 

A category to locate all the Target stores in the United States. Regular Target Stores, Target Greatlands and SuperTargets are all accepted. Please no Target stores in Australia (since they are not part of the Target Corporation.)

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