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Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures

by:  Art Archivist 

The Smithsonian Art Inventory includes over 400,000 works of art, including paintings and sculptures. This category is looking ONLY for outdoor public sculptures. This encompasses many sculpture types including monuments, mounted art, statues, abstract and realistic sculptures.


ANWB Paddenstoelen allows ratings

by:  Paddo-Officers 

ANWB Paddenstoel wegwijzers voor fietsers - Mushroom signposts for cyclists


Abstract Public Sculptures

by:  Public Sculptures Managers 

Incredible abstract sculpture abounds for the public's viewing pleasure, IF they can find it. This category is dedicated to locating these sometime hidden treasures and waymarking them for all to see and enjoy. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.


Roman Catholic Churches allows ratings

by:  Sextons 

The Roman Catholic Church dates its origins to the first century A.D. and now has many thousands of churches in nearly every country of the world. Many of them are of historic and architectural interest, but large, small, new, old, simple or ornate they are all welcome here.


French Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  BenchMarkeurs Français 

!!! La Chasse aux Repères Français - The French Benchmarks Hunting !!!


Wi-Fi Hotspots

by:  WiFi Seekers 

This category is for providing the location of a WiFi Hotspot for accessing the Internet via a wireless device.

NOTE 8/10/2016 Requirements have been updated Please read before submitting new waymarks! TWO photos are required.


Payphones allows ratings

by:  Payphones Managers 

Due to the mass use of cell phones nowadays, the payphone can be a rare find. Locate a working payphone and note the phone number.


Non-Specific Veteran Memorials

by:  Never Forget 

To locate, photograph and document non-specific or multi-war veteran memorials or monuments.


Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments

by:  Woodmen of the World 

Many of these tree stump " monuments stand 4 to 5 feet high and show sawed or broken limbs traditionally symbolizing a life cut short. With this category we are trying to locate these special memorials left behind across the country. Please limit submissions to 4 markers per person in each cemetery, meaning multiple Waymarkers can each find 4 markers in the same cemetery. In addition we will also allow historical markers placed by Woodmen of the World, even those that are not cemetery markers.


First of its Kind allows ratings

by:  FIRST of its kind 

Locations with plaques describing the FIRST occurrence of a Person/Group or Place/Location or Thing/Event.


World War I Memorials and Monuments allows ratings

by:  World War I Memorials 

This category seeks to waymark all World War I Memorials and Monuments, big and small, located throughout the world. This category applies to general memorials erected by cities, counties, towns, villages and nations to honor native soldiers as a group. (Monuments and memorials to individual soldiers of WWI are not permitted.) Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.


Official Local Tourism Attractions allows ratings

by:  Vacationing with Waymarking 

“Are you going on a vacation or business trip? Having trouble locating an interesting attraction? Look here for a comprehensive list of attractions and sightseeing options and their coordinates near your destination!”


Canadian Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Canadian Benchmarks 

Canadian Benchmarks will include several types of permanently fixed survey markers, monuments or other devices that are used for taking accurate measurements within Canada.


City and Town Halls allows ratings

by:  Town Criers 

City and town halls, any building housing a local municipal type government.


Public Playgrounds allows ratings

by:  Public Playgrounds Group 

A playground is a place created for children to play freely. Modern playgrounds often have recreational equipment such as the see-saw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide, climber, walking bridge, jungle gym, chin-up bars, sandbox, monkey bars, overhead ladder, trapeze and trapeze rings, playhouses, and mazes, many of which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment.


Train Stations/Depots allows ratings

by:  All Aboard 

Train stations were often the first impression visitors had of a community as they were traveling across the country by train. Many stations had unique architecture and very useful in there design. We are looking for stations/depots both old and new and documenting what is happening there today.


Penny Smashers allows ratings

by:  Elongated Coins Group 

Smashed pennies are no new kid on the memory-maker block. The World's Colombian Exposition of 1893, held in Chicago, USA to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, was the first known time that souvenir smashed coins were made for a specific event.


Subway Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Eat Fresh! 

Bringing a healthier choice for a fast food restaurant to the Waymarking community.


Libraries allows ratings

by:  Libraries Managers 

A listing of libraries from around the world!


Satellite Imagery Oddities

by:  Googly Earth Seekers 

A category to waymark real-world oddities and other awesome looking sites that are seen on satellite imagery.


Statues of Religious Figures

by:  Religious Statues 

This category is for statues of figures that have religious significance.


History Museums allows ratings

by:  History Museums 

History Museums (to include ones with living history)


Georgia Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Georgia Historic Markers 

Seek out a Georgia Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker.


American Guide Series allows ratings

by:  New Dealers 

During the Depression, the federal government employed writers in the Writers' Program of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) to compile the first comprehensive guidebooks to the United States, the American Guide Series. Guides were published for the 48 states, Alaska, and countless cities. This category is for waymarking places referred to in the series.


Sundials allows ratings

by:  Sundial Hunters 

A sundial measures time by casting a shadow on a flat surface marked with the hours of the day. There are many designs and many are marked with commemorative dates and details. Press "show additional information" for maps of waymarked sundial locations.

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