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Ranger Stations allows ratings

by:  Ranger Stations 

This category is for locating and Waymarking the Active Ranger Stations World Wide. Each Country may have a different title for "Ranger Stations". These are normally places where you can get information from a person or persons for National,State and Local Parks for that location.

Elevated Everyday Objects

by:  Pole Workers 

Ordinarily ground level objects permanently placed up high for commercial or artistic purposes as an eye-catching 3-dimensional sculpture or sign.

There's a Book About It allows ratings

by:  Book Hunters 

It's bookmarking! The goal is to mark distinct locations that have an entire book written about them. Each mark is for an individual book.

Thatch Cottages allows ratings

by:  The Thatchers 

Thatched Irish cottages were simple affairs, and while the basic design was the same throughout the country, there were differences on a regional basis. One major regional difference would have been the use of mud walls, rather than stone, in some areas. Strange as it seems, when the mud walls were dried and given several coats of whitewash, and when the thatched roof was allowed to overhang the walls, they remained dry and lasted for many decades.

Fireworks Displays allows ratings

by:  Pyro-Technicians 

To list dates and locations where people can enjoy a free fireworks display. These are often organized for holidays, special occasions or festivals. Locations that offer fireworks as part of general admission are not eligible for inclusion.

Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines

by:  The Prognosticators 

Coin-operated fortune telling machines typically can be found in tourist locations and arcades, but they can also occasionally be found in bars and restaurants.

D.U.P. Historic Markers allows ratings

by:  DUP Marker Group 

These markers can be found in eleven countries (Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales) and thirteen States (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)--although the majority of them are located in Utah and Idaho, more markers are constantly being placed.

Holy Wells allows ratings

by:  Holy wells of the British Isles 

A category of waymarks which will help record and bring to peoples attention these interesting and historic places. There are Holy wells of one sort or another in many countries of the world.

Maritime Museums

by:  The Old Salts 

Maritime museums from around the world.

Converted Firehouses allows ratings

by:  Converted Firehouses 

We're looking for former firehouses that have been converted to new uses. Restaurants, stores, private residences, whatever.

William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody allows ratings

by:  Buffalo Bill Scouts 

Locations related to the life, travels and memory of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, legendary hero and showman of the American West.

Martello Towers allows ratings

by:  Martello Towers  

The Irish coastline is dotted with the famous Martello Towers, small round towers with flat roofs. These towers were designed and built as lookout posts during the Napoleonic Wars.

Mosques allows ratings

by:  Moslem Art & Architecture - Mosques 

This category is a place to log the location of any official mosque, past or present. It includes structures that were originally mosques and then converted to other purposes. Suitable candidates for this category which are present day mosques must have clear signage and the word "mosque" or its equivalent in the local language included on the sign or website/website reference if one exists. Sites which are only "Islamic Centers" are not included in this category.

People-Named Places allows ratings

by:  The Selection Committee 

The mission of this category is to document specific cities, towns, airports, bridges, dams and buildings that are named after a person. Please submit only man-made structures named after a person.

Geographic High Points allows ratings

by:  High Points 

The point of this category is to list the political area high points including continents, countries, states, provinces, counties, parishes, territories, districts and similar political entities.

Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites allows ratings

by:  Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites 

This group would help us preserve some of our history, highlighting abandoned Air Force radar stations from the cold war era. There were many radar sites all around the country.

Jack In The Box allows ratings

by:  Jack in the box 

A place to Waymark all of the 2100 plus Jack locations.

Hospitals allows ratings

by:  Hospitals 

A hospital is an institution for health care, often but not always providing for longer-term patient stays. Today, hospitals are usually funded by the state, health organizations (for profit or non-profit), health insurances or charities, including direct charitable donations. In history, however, they were often founded and funded by religious orders or charitable individuals and leaders. Hospitals are nowadays staffed by professional physicians, surgeons and nurses.

Diplomatic Missions allows ratings

by:  Diplomacy Rules 

A category to waymark diplomatic missions around the world.

E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers 

To discover and record the location of E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers. We are looking for E Clampus Vitus markers that serve as a reminder and commemoration of those obscure people, places or events that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or been lost or forgotten.

Dunkin Donuts' allows ratings

by:  Dunkin Donuts 

Dunkin Donuts restaurants worldwide.

George Washington  allows ratings

by:  Here's George 

The goal of this category is to locate and document George's image on permanent display, as well as places named in his honor. Please do not include any bushes, trees, stones, etc. It can be a park, but no streets. Nothing accepted otherwise, including George slept here or said this. These are the requirements that must be met for this category.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

by:  Ye Olde Turd Mill 

Wastewater collection and treatment is the ultimate "Cinderella Service". Greatly under funded/appreciated, it has been the single greatest advancement in public health in the history of mankind. We each produce about 100 gallons of wastewater a day and yet it all disappears down the drain never to be seen again. So where does this vile stuff go and how is it reclaimed? This category is a technical catalog of Wastewater Treatment Facilities around the world.

Milestones allows ratings

by:  Milestone Managers 

Old solid roadside markers indicating destinations and/or the distance to travel there.

Historic Reenactments allows ratings

by:  Historic Reenactments 

Reenactments that depict a historical event, whether it be perpetual (i.e., Colonial Williamsburg - Virginia), annual (i.e., Battle of Largs - Scotland, Anchorage Fur Rendezvous - Alaska), or ocassionally (i.e., Battle of St. Fagans - Wales). It must be a living history type event (not theatrical or fantasy) based on an actual historical event or person.

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