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Coin Operated Children's Rides

by:  Coin Operated Rides for Children 

This category includes all those little kiddie rides both inside and outside your local shopping areas. We've all been bribed at one time or another when we were little that if we were good in the store we could go for a ride when we left or we have bribed our own kids.

Fitness Trails

by:  Fitness Nuts 

A fitness trail consists of a path or course that has obstacles or stations distributed along its length for exercising the human body to promote good health.

Nautical Flag Poles allows ratings

by:  Nautical Flag Poles 

Flag poles made in the style of a ship's mast.

Ferris Wheels allows ratings

by:  Round and Round You Go. 

According to Wikipedia, a Ferris wheel is a nonbuilding structure consisting of an upright wheel with passenger gondolas suspended from the rim. Ferris wheels are an amusement park ride and may also be found at urban parks and public places. Ferris wheels usually hold about 50-100 people.

Public Access Lands allows ratings

by:  Purveyors of Public Places 

Public access lands are areas that people can visit at their leisure where permits, special memberships, etc. are not required in order to explore and/or be educated. This category seeks to waymark forests and lands that are accessible to the general public and do not qualify as National, State, Provincial and/or Municipal parks.

Natural/Organic Food Stores

by:  Natural Food Stores 

Natural/Organic foods are produced without chemical fertilizers. They are foods that do not contain any additives, such as preservatives or artificial coloring. Because Natural/Organic food production methods are generally not as suited to mass food production it is usually more expensive. Indeed, it may be seen as a luxury food, and is usually priced accordingly.

Monuments Historiques Français allows ratings

by:  Monuments historiques français 

[EN] Monument historique is a State procedure in France by which heritage protection is extended to a building or a specific part of a building, a collection of buildings or an entire neighborhood, or gardens, bridges, and other structures, because of their architectural and historical importance. [FR] En France, le classement ou l'inscription comme monument historique est une servitude d’utilité publique visant à protéger un édifice remarquable par son histoire ou son architecture.

The Disney Store allows ratings

by:  Mickey's Minions 

When you can't get to the any of the official Disney theme parks to get all of your Disney gear, these stores help keep you thinking happy thoughts!

Pizza Hut Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Gather 'round the good stuff 

A category to waymark the 34,000 Pizza Huts in 100 countries.

Red Telephone Boxes

by:  Red Telephone Boxes 

Classic British red telephone boxes, as designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, especially those which have been moved from their original locations.

Active Rail Locations allows ratings

by:  Train Spotters 

A category for waymarking places to watch trains in action. This activity is known as railfanning or trainspotting. Trains can be for work or transport. Including other types of rail guided modes of transportation.

Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins

by:  Piecekeepers 

The waymarks in this category document the locations of building or structure remnants that were saved to be put on display after the building or structure was destroyed or removed. Ruins that have been preserved are also recorded here. If "[show additional information]" is visible below, please click it for the full description.

Moose Lodges and Centers

by:  Moose on the Loose 

The Loyal Order of Moose is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888 with about 2,000 Lodges found in all 50 states in the United States, in four Canadian provinces, as well as in Great Britain and Bermuda.

Daniel Boone Trail Markers

by:  Daniel Boone Trail Markers 

This category is to locate and share those historical markers placed over a 25 year period in an effort to help improve road conditions and memorialize Daniel Boone's trail blazing efforts and to stir the imaginations of civic leaders and school children, raising funds, placing metal tablets on arrowhead shaped monuments, leading the ceremonies and issuing press releases.

Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites allows ratings

by:  Motorcycle Riders 

Find motorcycle dealers and shops which sell and/or service motorcycles

Independent Bookstores

by:  indiebookstore-fans 

This category was created to waymark the independent bookstores left in the world.

Breweries allows ratings

by:  The brewers 

A brewery can be a building or place that produces large quantities of beer. It can also be a business (brewing company) whose trade is the production and sale of its own beer or spirits (liquor).

Scouting Headquarters allows ratings

by:  Scouting HQ Managers 

Scouting Headquarters locations.

Vintage Gas Stations allows ratings

by:  Fill 'er up 

Old Gas Stations

Model Railroads

by:  Model RR Mangers 

The Model Railroads category is a collection of locations where you can enjoy permanent model layouts. These layouts must be accessible to the public. The category focuses on G scale layouts and smaller.


by:  Celestial Navigators 

A planetarium is a theater built and used for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy, the night sky, and/or celestial navigation.

Quaker Meeting Houses

by:  Friends of Friends 

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was founded in England in the 17th century as a Christian religious denomination by people who were dissatisfied with the existing denominations and sects of Christianity. Their "churches" are known as meeting houses.

Made for the Millennium

by:  Millennium Managers 

To find all those things that were made to commemorate the Millennium in 2000. Anything with a specific Millennium plaque can be included.

Barns allows ratings

by:  Barnyard Waymarkers 

Barns are large outbuildings found on a farm (or what was once a farm). A peek inside the typical barn might find farm animals and farm equipment, machinery and vehicles, or even hay and grains stored there. Although they may be built of different materials or have a different shape, they can be found throughout the world in both developed and underdeveloped countries alike.

Cycling Routes allows ratings

by:   CyclingNode-maintainers 

Numbered nodes where Cycling Routes intersect. The category is meant for all Cycling Routes using any numbered system to identify the different routepoints in the world. Genummerde Fietsknooppunten waar fietsroutes elkaar kruisen.

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