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Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers allows ratings

by:  Brick Layers 

Engraved bricks and pavers displays as a fundraising tactic has had a re-emergence throughout the world. They are usually found at historical sites, schools, libraries, and even businesses. Sometimes they are dedicated to a fallen hero or to the friends of a library. They typically act as a sidewalk surrounding a memorial. Our goal is to photograph and document those brick dedications.

Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines allows ratings

by:  Buddhist Temples 

A Buddhist temple is a place of devotion, worship and meditation for all Buddhists. The Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines category is a place to record the locations of Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines around the world.

Pre-Victorian Historic Homes allows ratings

by:  Historic House Keepers 

This category is for waymarking Historic Houses all over the world from before the Victorian age; this era is prior to 1837.

Flatirons allows ratings

by:  23 Skidoos 

The goal of this category is to Waymark flatiron buildings throughout the world. These triangular-shaped buildings are created to take advantage of odd shaped lots that occur where streets, railroad tracks, or other structures come together at less than right angles. We offer a home for these, even those that may not be that oddly shaped.

Helicopter Landing Pads allows ratings

by:  Helicopter Pilots 

This category is to log permanent locations of helicopter landing pads used for business, emergency or tourism.

Epic Beings and Creatures

by:  Epic 

This category is for sightings (real or immortalized in statuary, art, or enactment) of figures, beings or creatures of mythic or epic status.

Seventh-day Adventist Churches allows ratings

by:  Friends of Friends of Friends 

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, constitute the church's understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. This category documents the locations for all Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

Lutheran Churches allows ratings

by:  Lutheran Church 

Lutheran congregations believe in Lutheranism, a part of Protestant Christianity that was inspired by the acts of Martin Luther (1483-1586). There are millions of Lutherans worldwide who belong to Lutheran Churches. This category documents the locations for active and former Lutheran Church buildings.

Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs allows ratings

by:  Legion Cairns and Memorials 

The Royal Canadian Legion has thousands of Memorials, Cenotaphs,Cairns, and Plaques all over the World for the Men and Women who have stood and or fallen during the Wars for our Freedoms.Nearly every town in Canada has at least one monument or plaque in this category.

Apple Stores allows ratings

by:  MacAddicts 

Our goal is to record locations of all Apple Computer retail stores worldwide. This is NOT meant to record locations of other retail stores that sell Apple Computer products.

Weather Radars

by:  Weather Radar Watchers 

The purpose of this category is to document the locations of fixed-location weather radars, both operational and antiquated.

Historic United Methodist Sites allows ratings

by:  Historic United Methodist Markers 

Waymarking category for listing United Methodist historic sites which have been officially numbered or designated as Heritage Landmarks by the UMC General Commission on Archives and History

Grange Halls allows ratings

by:  Northcoast grangers 

Grange Halls are located in many rural communities. Our goal is to find them all, active or not, and post a Waymark page for them.

Bygone Toll Houses allows ratings

by:  Toll house Searchers 

This category is for the recording of old toll houses worldwide. Some are now homes, some are abandoned, some are in parks but they are still there.

Blood Donation Centers allows ratings

by:  Blood donation 

Do you know where is nearest Blood Donation Center in your neighborhood? We would like to know about them. Take your time and visit inside the center. It may be worthwhile to even donate blood though it is not required.

Lonely Chimneys allows ratings

by:  Chimney Hunters 

Lonely chimneys are located all over the world. This category is to log those chimneys and your knowledge of or guess as to what the history of this location is.

Publix Supermarkets

by:  Publix Shoppers 

Locate Publix (and family) Supermarket locations within the US.

Kroger Supermarkets

by:  Kroger Family 

Locate Kroger (and family) Supermarket locations within the US.

Woman's Clubs

by:  Woman's Clubs Managers 

Woman’s Clubs, or Women’s Clubs, were originally founded by women in the early 1800’s and have continued with significant volunteer participation in their communities with activism, programs and legislation. This category is for waymarking the buildings that are in past or present use by organizations that are identified as Woman’s Clubs.

Giants of Commerce

by:  Amplus Statua Recenseo 

This category is looking for fiberglass, concrete, and foam giants used anywhere in the world. They must be permanent in nature. Theme park and tourist attraction giants will be accepted in this category. Please place Muffler Men statues in the category which predates this one.

Orientation Tables allows ratings

by:  Orientation Tables Group 

An orientation table is a small tourism oriented construction, located at an observation point, which enables visitors to identify the characteristic elements of the view from that location. There are several kinds, from the simplest to the true artistic creation. Orientation tables can be found in a variety of locations, but because their main goal is to identify the features of a landscape, they are generally located at points which are higher than the surrounding countryside.

White Castle allows ratings

by:  White Castle 

To locate and Waymark all of the White Castle locations worldwide.

Painted Barn Quilts

by:  Painted Barn Quilts 

The original Barn Quilt project was funded by a Blue Ridge National Heritage Grant through Handmade in America. The mission of the organization is to protect, preserve, interpret and develop the unique natural, historical and cultural resources for the benefit of present and future generations

Historic Trees allows ratings

by:  Historic Trees 

This waymark category is for individual, historic trees. An historic tree is one that was witness to an historic event, or maybe it was planted by, or otherwise directly associated with a famous historic figure. It will usually be marked by some form of plaque, noting its significance. The fact that a tree has a plaque however does not necessarily make it eligible for this category. Trees planted in honor of an historic figure, event or as a memorial will not be considered for this category.

Bandshells allows ratings

by:  Bandshell Seekers 

By definition, a bandshell is a bandstand with a concave, almost hemispheric wall at the rear that serves as a sounding board.

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