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Bus Stations allows ratings

by:  Bus Drivers 

To locate, waymark and photograph bus stations, bus terminals and bus transfer points worldwide. To also note any intresting information about the station.

Oklahoma Historical Markers

by:  Boomer Sooners 

To find, photograph and record all the Oklahoma historical markers.

Maritime Monuments and Memorials allows ratings

by:  Maritime Monuments & Memorials 

Sites that feature maritime themed monuments or memorials.

Spanish-American War Memorials allows ratings

by:  Spanish American War managers 

A category to waymark memorials and monuments to the Spanish-American War.

Old Agricultural Equipment

by:  Old Agricultural Equipment 

This is a place to catalog old agricultural equipment from years gone by.

Histoires de France (French historical markers) allows ratings

by:  Chasseurs d'histoires de France 

[FR] Catégorie référençant les panneaux historiques et culturels de France. [ENG] Category referencing historical and cultural markers of France.

Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials

by:  Grateful Americans 

This category's purpose is to waymark memorials dedicated to those men and women who served/perished in the Afghanistan-Iraq War theater in the war against terrorism. (Desert Storm is not part of this war) We as Citizens of the free world should always hold dear the honor of those who serve our nations and this great cause. There are just a few of these memorials at present, but in the future there will be many, and this category is a fitting honor by waymarkers to their sacrifice.

Cross Country Ski Trailheads

by:  Wooden Gliders 

This category is collecting waymarks for all public, cross country skiing trails. While many trails are suitable for cross country skiing, this category is looking only for those trails that have been designated for cross country skiing and can be identified by signs or map information.

TGI Friday's Restaurants

by:  Thank Goodness It's Friday 

A category to waymark all TGI Friday's Restaurants around the world.

War of 1812

by:  The 2nd Revolution 

The sub-section to the Napoleonic War (1793-1815), fought primarily in the United States, at sea, & in Canada - Between 1811 and 1815.

Statues of Religious Figures

by:  Religious Statues 

This category is for statues of figures that have religious significance.

Peanuts Characters allows ratings

by:  Peanuts/Charles Schultz 

This category is for all you Peanut's lovers. It's a tribute to Charles Schultz and his characters. Meet the characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Pigpen, Franklin and Rerun.

Landlocked Boats allows ratings

by:  Land locked boats 

Boats that are on dry land. They can be a display or in dry dock and even as a planter.Be creative.

Alpaca and Llama Farms

by:  Alpaca and Llama Herders 

Alpaca Farms and Llama Farms cover the globe. Trusty and temperamental Llamas are used as guard animals to protect livestock from predators and are popular beasts of burden. Mild-mannered Alpacas resemble miniature llamas and provide a pricey fleece. This category is for the farms that raise Alpacas and/or Llamas as the primary livestock.

Solitary Silos

by:  Former Farmhands 

Silos which stand by themselves like monoliths, without their barns. Widowers, if you will, since their partners have gone on to that great barnyard in the sky. Concrete, metal, whatever: they are apparently a strong enough material to outlast a wooden barn, on what may no longer be a working farm.

3 Dimensional Art

by:  3D Advertising Art Group 

We are trying to find as many different three dimensional advertising creations as possible around the world. These must be on buildings or in front of PERMANENT businesses.

Graves of the Unknown

by:  Unknown 

When some people die, their identities are lost. They are buried with all possible respects and are assigned a name that is commonly associated with an unidentified person. This category is for all the headstones of the unknown.

Wagon Wheels

by:  Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' 

Wagon wheels used as decorations, on fences, on gates, or even with the heads of dead cows.

Municipal Community Centers allows ratings

by:  The Community 

A category to waymark public community centers around the world.

Baptist Churches allows ratings

by:  Baptist Church Seekers 

Baptist refers to individuals belonging to a Baptist church or a Baptist denomination, a Christian denomination that baptizes believers by immersion in water as a public display of their faith. This category is to document the locations of both active and former Baptist Church buildings.

Defunct Amusement Parks allows ratings

by:  Defunct Amusement Park Managers 

To waymark those now closed, lost, and abandoned places of enjoyment from our youth. Amusement parks and zoos offer many memories that we can look back on and share with others, but now that the parks are closed, all we have are our memories, so let's share them with our fellow waymarkers by listing them here.

Ponce de León allows ratings

by:  The Conquistadors 

This category documents the locations that celebrate the life and achievements of Spanish Conquistador, Juan Ponce de León (1460 – 1521) who was instrumental in the discovery, mapping and colonizing of southern portions of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Hispaniola.

The Holocaust allows ratings

by:  The Holocaust 

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

Mosaics allows ratings

by:  We love mosaics 

This category is about mosaics you can find anywhere in the world both ancient and modern. Please note: We do need a close-up photo of the mosaic to make sure it is a mosaic. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

High Level Marks allows ratings

by:  High Water Markers 

A category to waymark high level marks. These can be any mark or marker that depicts historic levels reached when water, snow, mud, ash, etc. attained certain levels in depth or height.

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