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by:  Hostellers 

Hostels are - in short - community-style accommodations for travel on the cheap.

Vintage Ad Locations

by:  Proofreaders 

Find a vintage ad that has a location/address that is verifiable. Vintage ads should be over 40 years old. Find the location and detail what is happening there today.

Scenic at Night

by:  Scenic at Night 

Find and photograph the places that look their best when the sun goes down.

Pet Stores

by:  Out of the cage 

This category marks commercial business locations that focus their inventory on pets and/or pet supplies. If "[show additional information]" is visible below, please click it for the full category description.

Maine Historical Markers

by:  Seeing-Eye Lobsters 

To collect, photograph and record the historical markers/history of the state of Maine.

Entertainment Awards allows ratings

by:  Entertainment Awards 

This category is designed to waymark entertainment industry awards that are on permanent public display. Such installations typically feature special pedestals, lighting, graphics, and so on.

Urban Legends and Superstitions

by:  I Triple-Dog Dare You 

Play by visiting the location of an Urban Legend or Superstition and possibly testing it. This will involve visiting a place and possibly performing an action at that place.

Last of its Kind allows ratings

by:  Last of its Kind 

This category is for people, places, events or things that are the "Last" of its kind.

Dated Buildings and Cornerstones allows ratings

by:  Stone Corners 

Buildings on which the date of construction was incorporated in the fabric of the building by the builders and is clearly visible. Cornerstones are an example.

Statues of Liberty allows ratings

by:  Liberty 

Dedicated to finding the hundreds of Statue of Liberty replicas around the world.

Hooters Restaurants

by:  Hooter's Executive 

Hooters Restaurants: a sports-themed restaurant chain that offers foods typically associated with the genre, served by young, pretty women who are dressed in complementary attire.

Quadrivia allows ratings

by:  Quadrivians 

Quadrivia. Latin: where four ways meet. Locate a simple cross road which is associated with four different street names.

Peace Memorials

by:  Peace Seekers 

The purpose of this category is to seek out monuments/memorials that promote the ideals of national, international, or world peace.

Permanent Geographic Coordinates

by:  On the map 

A category to waymark posted coordinates that are on buildings, signs and other permanent locations.

Outdoor Altars

by:  Out In The Rain 

Outdoor Altars are permanent structures made of wood, metal or stone that are positioned outdoors for the purpose of worshipping outdoors. These are unique creations in religions where worship is traditionally performed indoors as much as possible. This category will document the locations of these outdoor altars.

Gazebos allows ratings

by:  Gazebo Guys 

A gazebo is a octagonal,or hexagonal structure with no walls. The roof is typically supported by pillars or wooden supports placed around the outer circle of the base.

Howard Johnson's

by:  Joe's Hoes 

For most of the 20th century, the orange roof of Howard Johnson's was a familiar sight along the great American roadside. By the 1970's, there were more Howard Johnson's Restaurants than McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's combined. Now there are only 2 still up and running. We're looking primarily for those that haven't been bulldozed, but instead have been re-purposed. And we'll take the locations that have been bulldozed, as well as the 2 remaining restaurants!

Methodist Churches

by:  Methodists 

From its ambitious beginnings in 1729, Methodism is now the way of worship for over seventy-five million people worldwide. These Methodist congregations, in all their flavours, gather in buildings specific for Methodist worship. It is for buildings currently and formerly used as Methodist Churches that this category has been created.

Kugel Balls allows ratings

by:  Push!!!!!!! 

A Kugel is a heavy ball perfectly balanced on a base that matches its curvature. Kids (and adults!) love to shove these balls around and see if they can stop them from spinning. This category is dedicated to seeking out these interesting structures.

Solar System Models allows ratings

by:  Solar System Watchers 

Have you seen a permanent 3-D model of our Solar System? Waymark it here.

Bailey Bridges allows ratings

by:  Bailey Bridges 

A place to waymark these strong yet portable bridges

Dedicated Benches allows ratings

by:  People Who Like to Sit 

You see them most every time you go to the park. A bench with a plaque that reads, "In Memory of..." or "Dedicated To..." The purpose of this category is to waymark those benches.

Gifts from Other Countries allows ratings

by:  Gift Seekers 

Numerous gifts have been given from one country to another. The purpose of this category is to seek out these gifts and tell us about them.

Artistic Seating allows ratings

by:  Sitting Pretty 

Artists around the world have used many different types of media to transform or create benches for public use. Artistically created, or artistically altered public seating has a place here.

Applebee's Restaurants

by:  Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood 

A category to waymark Applebee's restaurants from around the world.

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