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Bicycle Repair Stations

by:  Bike Mechanics 

This category seeks modern self-service Bicycle Repair Stations placed all around the world in public places.

Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structures

by:  Navaid Searchers 

Widely unknown to the broader public, there are thousands of stations all over the world that help airplanes to safely find their destination. This is the place to record them.

Doves of peace

by:  Doves of peace Managers 

The dove is considered a symbol of peace. The Dove of Peace has both religious symbolism and political symbolism in peace movements in the world.

Watershed Markers and Monuments

by:  Watersheds 

This category looks for markers and monuments which belong to Watersheds/Divides.

Advertising Columns

by:  Advertizers 

Look for advertising columns, columns fixed to the earth and used for temporary and varied advertisements.

Cemetery Chapels

by:  Cemetery Chapels Caretakers 

Identify chapels within the property area of a cemetery. These chapels provide a place for families to gather at the cemetery, out of the weather, to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Radio and Television Transmitter Towers

by:  Global Transmitters 

This category collects commercially-licensed Radio and Television transmitter towers/antennas around the world. Military and non-public government agency transmitter towers/antennas are excluded.

Australian Heritage Sites

by:  Australian Heritage Sites 

To find and document locations that are officially listed by the respective authorities in Australia.


by:  Petit Passe-Temps 

This category is seeking hourglasses and clepsydras around the world, anywhere they may be found and visited. We will accept physical hourglasses, sculptures of hourglasses, paintings or works of art featuring hourglasses -- anything permanently at a particular location, and on public display.

Flags of the World

by:  Flags of the World 

This category is looking for country Flags of the World. Country flags are a part of our current culture but also a part of our cultural heritage. Flags are used all over the world.

Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors

by:  The Monks of War 

Identifying sites related to the history, remains and works of military chivalric orders and other warrior classes having spiritual influences and roots in Medieval history such as the Samurais.


by:  Pigeon Squadron 

The purpose of this category is to discover the incredible variety of these pigeon houses that were built by humans from historic times to the present day throughout the world.

Household Appliances and Presses

by:  Household Appliances and Presses  

The Household Appliances and Presses category is for large, free-standing household appliances made before 1940 exclusively for home use. We are looking for the big and bulky machines our mothers and grandmothers used for big household chores, such as washing clothes, preparing meals, transforming raw ingredients into food, the converting of textiles into clothing, rugs and similar items and the development of fiber.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

by:  Red Cross and Red Crescent 

This category aims to locate the Buildings such as Headquarters, Delegations, Meeting houses, Chapters or other names that they may be referred as, of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The category will also accept Monuments and Historical Markers related to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Signs of Zodiac

by:  Zodiac 

This category is looking for all representations of the Signs of Zodiac all around the world.
The Signs of Zodiac are old. They have been used since ancient times.
This category accepts the western Zodiac (also called Greek, Roman, Tropical, ...) as well as the eastern Zodiac (also called Chinese, Hindu, Sidereal, Earthly Branches, ...).

Religious Buildings Multifarious

by:  Religious Buildings Multifarious 

The mission of Religious Buildings Multifarious is to locate public places of worship that are currently active, conducting a religious service at least once a month and at a permanent location.

Commercial Fishing Ports

by:  Découvreurs de Ports de Pêche 

From time immemorial, man has had to seek food. He started catching fish by hand. Over time, he perfected his approach. He brought together groups of fishermen with boats, based in fishing ports.

Latin American Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Latin America Benchmarks 

To create a category for recording and categorizing permanent benchmarks, survey points, and monuments in any Latin American country. This would exclude survey nails, ties, and small disks since these are temporary.

Space Invaders Art allows ratings

by:  Aliens 

This category describes a particular street art, vessels Space Invader game that is found in different forms Mosaics, Paintings, Sculptures, Reliefs, Effects, etc..

Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals

by:  Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals 

The mission of the "Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals" is to locate businesses where the general public can rent a personal transports.

Electric Bike Charging Stations allows ratings

by:  Never Without Power 

This category looks for E-Bike Charging Stations for cyclist. So find one and waymark it here.

Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings

by:  Historic Transformer Sub-Station Seekers 

Transformer sub-station buildings were erected in the early 20th century to house transformer equipment of the power grid. Help documenting these interesting, but slowly disappearing structures. Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides

by:  Bobsleighs and Mountain Slides 

We are looking for 'Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides' around the world whether they are large or small, active or abandoned.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

by:  UNESCO Biosphere Reserves 

The mission of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves is to locate and document all worldwide Biosphere Reserves designated by UNESCO. This can help to increase awareness of these reserves and promote education about the conservation of our environment.

Fraternal Order of Eagles

by:  Fraternal Order of Eagles 

The mission of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) category is to locate any and all current and former Aeries (chapters) across the United States and Canada and to waymark them for historical value and visitor appreciation.

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