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Fish Hatcheries
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Fish hatcheries and related facilities dealing with the research and raising of fish, usually run by governmental agencies, but may be academic or private, though not to be confused with commercial fish farming operations.
Expanded Description:

Fish hatcheries are facilities where a large number of fish are bred and raised in a controlled environment. Their purpose may be to provide stock for designated fishing areas, to preserve endangered species, to assist in overcoming navigational obstructions, for research and education.

Most hatcheries are sponsored by governmental agencies, but some are run by academic institutions or commercial concerns. These are, however, not to be confused with fish farms which raise fish for commercial consumption. Related facilities dealing with fishery research, science, health, etc. will be considered for inclusion in this category.
Instructions for Posting a Fish Hatcheries Waymark:

Instructions for Posting Waymark:

NAME: The waymark name MUST follow a specific format -- Name of the hatchery followed by the location, i.e. county, park, nearest town, state, province.

COORDINATES: Obtained by GPS readings on a personal visit to the site. These must be taken at a major entry to the facility.

PHOTOS: At least TWO photos are required -- one view showing some major feature of the facility, and one showing a sign or lettering identifying the facility. Additional photos showing the scope of the facility are highly encouraged.. These must all be personally taken photos and entered into the waymark's photo gallery.

NARRATIVE: Provide as much information as you can about this facility. Consider such things as area served, type of fish handled, size and capacity, date of opening, public displays or educational programs, etc. You may cut and paste from web sites, as long as they are referenced.

VARIABLES: These are provided as an easy way for you to communicate basic information about the facility you are documenting. Because not every item applies to every possible waymark, only a few are absolutely required. It is assumed, however, that you will make a good faith effort to provide the information in the variable section. If it appears that this is not the case, the waymark may be returned to your for further information.


U.S. National Fish Hatchery System

The Fisheries Program consists of 70 National Fish Hatcheries, 7 Fish Technology Centers, 9 Fish Health Centers and 1 Historic National Fish Hatchery

Resource for Canadian Hatcheries

SPECIAL NOTE: While the details outlined in our category description, and the requirements listed in the posting instructions, cover the MINIMUM elements and standards for all waymarks in this category, each waymark will also be evaluated by a volunteer reviewer for overall quality and appropriateness. If a reviewer deems that there are deficiencies in some aspect of the waymark, the waymark may be either declined or accepted with request for changes and/or additions in either content or format.

Each waymark will be evaluated on its own merits. We will endeavor to be reasonable and flexible while maintaining the quality standards for the category. If there is a disagreement, try to work it out with the evaluating officer, or appeal to the group leader, but we reserve the right to accept or decline a waymark based on our best judgement.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. All waymarks must have at least a short description in ENGLISH. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English. We have volunteer translators to help.

Relying on software or internet based translators, such as Babylon and Google Translate, may NOT yield accurate translations that are intelligible. Use these only when there is no alternative. Although we do not expect grammatical perfection, a waymark may be declined if there the English language is not understandable.

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There are no log instructions listed for this category.
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Currently displaying Fish Hatcheries

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Image for Bennett Spring State Fish Hatchery – Lebanon, Missouriview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesBennett Spring State Fish Hatchery – Lebanon, Missouri

in Fish Hatcheries

State operated fish hatchery at Bennett Springs State Park.

posted by: Groundspeak Charter Member BruceS

location: Missouri

date approved: 3/29/2015

last visited: 9/4/2007

Image for Fish Hatchery - Orlice-Letohrad, Czech Republicview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesFish Hatchery - Orlice-Letohrad, Czech Republic

in Fish Hatcheries

Fish Hatchery [CZ: Rybí líhen] in Orlice-Letohrad.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member ToRo61

location: Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic

date approved: 11/18/2014

last visited: never

Image for Kern River Fish Hatchery- Kernville, CA, USAview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesKern River Fish Hatchery- Kernville, CA, USA

in Fish Hatcheries

Kern River Fish Hatchery, 14415 Sierra Way, Kernville, CA, (760) 376-2846

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member calgriz

location: California

date approved: 9/6/2014

last visited: 1/2/2014

Image for Washoe Park Trout Hatchery - Anaconda, MTview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesWashoe Park Trout Hatchery - Anaconda, MT

in Fish Hatcheries

Montana's first and oldest state run fish hatchery was built in Washoe Park in 1907 and continues in operation to this day.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member BK-Hunters

location: Montana

date approved: 7/14/2014

last visited: never

Image for Charlevoix Fisheries Research Station - Charlevoix Michiganview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesCharlevoix Fisheries Research Station - Charlevoix Michigan

in Fish Hatcheries

The Charlevoix Fisheries Research Station started it's life as a Fish Hatchery in 1894

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member razalas

location: Michigan

date approved: 3/3/2014

last visited: never

Image for A.E Wood Fish Hatchery - San Marcos, TXview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesA.E Wood Fish Hatchery - San Marcos, TX

in Fish Hatcheries

Freshwater breeding for fingerlings of bass, catfish, trout, and carp.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member vhasler

location: Texas

date approved: 2/11/2014

last visited: never

Image for Spokane Hatchery - Spokane, WAview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesSpokane Hatchery - Spokane, WA

in Fish Hatcheries

The Spokane Hatchery is set back from where Waikiki Road meets Rural Route 5 just west of the north west corner of the city of Spokane. Coordinates given are at the gate, beside the Hatchery's sign.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member BK-Hunters

location: Washington

date approved: 1/16/2014

last visited: 4/15/2014

Image for Forellenhof Wilkendorf, Bochum, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalenview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesForellenhof Wilkendorf, Bochum, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

in Fish Hatcheries

Forellenhof Wilkendorf in Bochum-Stiepel an der alten Mühle am Knöselsbach

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Amor war da ;-)

location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

date approved: 10/31/2013

last visited: 11/26/2014

Image for Colville Hatchery - Colville, WAview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesColville Hatchery - Colville, WA

in Fish Hatcheries

This century old hatchery is entering a new phase in its life, one focused more on education and vocational training in the rearing of sporting fish, while still hatching fish, but in numbers much reduced from those of the past.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member BK-Hunters

location: Washington

date approved: 10/26/2013

last visited: 1/5/2014

Image for Mad River Fish Hatchery - Arcata, CAview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesMad River Fish Hatchery - Arcata, CA

in Fish Hatcheries

The Mad River Fish Hatchery was considered for closure in 2004. With community assistance, it is still operated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member DougK

location: California

date approved: 7/13/2013

last visited: never

Image for La Frayère - Boucherville - Québec, Canadaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesLa Frayère - Boucherville - Québec, Canada

in Fish Hatcheries

La ville a construit des escaliers afin de faciliter la migration des poissons en temps de fraye.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member gemeloj

location: Quebec, Canada

date approved: 5/5/2013

last visited: 9/13/2014

Image for Fischzucht Langenpfunzen - Rosenheim, Bayern, Dview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesFischzucht Langenpfunzen - Rosenheim, Bayern, D

in Fish Hatcheries

Eine Fischaufzucht im Norden Rosenheims.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Tharandter

location: Bayern, Germany

date approved: 1/27/2013

last visited: never

Image for Klamath Fish Hatchery - Klamath County, ORview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesKlamath Fish Hatchery - Klamath County, OR

in Fish Hatcheries

This Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery is located along Crooked Creek just off Hwy 62 in Klamath County, OR.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member thebeav69

location: Oregon

date approved: 12/5/2012

last visited: never

Image for Ft. Peck State Fish Hatchery, Ft. Peck, Montanaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesFt. Peck State Fish Hatchery, Ft. Peck, Montana

in Fish Hatcheries

Passed in 1999, House Bill 20 authorized a Warm Water Sport Fish Surcharge and a multi-species hatchery for the State of Montana to be located at Fort Peck. The visitors center is open 7am-4pm Monday through Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member NGComets

location: Montana

date approved: 11/1/2012

last visited: never

Image for Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery ~ Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizonaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesWillow Beach National Fish Hatchery ~ Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

in Fish Hatcheries

The Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery is located at the north end of Willow Beach in the Arizona section of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member brwhiz

location: Arizona

date approved: 10/10/2012

last visited: never

Image for Papermill Trout Fishery - Llewetha - Swansea, Wales.view gallery
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Fish HatcheriesPapermill Trout Fishery - Llewetha - Swansea, Wales.

in Fish Hatcheries

The fish Hatcheries, are used to stock the fishing lake, which is trickled stocked on a daily basis with a base stock of 1/2lb, 1lb, 2lb and 3lb rainbow trout and various sizes of larger fish.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member veritas vita

location: South Wales, United Kingdom

date approved: 9/3/2012

last visited: 9/3/2012

Image for Macaulay Salmon Hatchery - Juneau, Alaskaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesMacaulay Salmon Hatchery - Juneau, Alaska

in Fish Hatcheries

Not far from Downtown Juneau

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member Vermontish

location: Alaska

date approved: 9/2/2012

last visited: 9/2/2014

Image for Harviestoun Trout Fishery - Alva, Scotland, UKview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesHarviestoun Trout Fishery - Alva, Scotland, UK

in Fish Hatcheries

Harviestoun Trout Fishery has trout farm with five species of fish; Tiger Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout and Brown Trout

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member tmob

location: Northern Scotland, United Kingdom

date approved: 8/30/2012

last visited: never

Image for McCall Fish Hatchery - McCall, Idahoview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesMcCall Fish Hatchery - McCall, Idaho

in Fish Hatcheries

McCall Fish Hatchery located at 300 Mather Road, in McCall, Idaho. The hatchery is open to the public and there is a self-guided walking tour of the hatchery with plaque describing each step of the process.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member daishinaga

location: Idaho

date approved: 8/26/2012

last visited: never

Image for The Brule Fish Hatchery -- Brule, Wisconsinview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesThe Brule Fish Hatchery -- Brule, Wisconsin

in Fish Hatcheries

This cache is located at the Brule State Forest Fish Hatchery.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member Troutonthebrain

location: Wisconsin

date approved: 6/5/2012

last visited: 3/21/2015

Image for Springside Community Fish Hatchery - Napanee, Ontarioview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesSpringside Community Fish Hatchery - Napanee, Ontario

in Fish Hatcheries

A Fish Hatchery in Springside Park in Napanee, Ontario

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Canadianzombie

location: Ontario, Canada

date approved: 5/22/2012

last visited: 8/29/2014

Image for Forellenhof Pettnau - Tirol Austriaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesForellenhof Pettnau - Tirol Austria

in Fish Hatcheries

Forellenhof Pettnau - Tirol Austria

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member luzzi1971

location: Tirol, Austria

date approved: 5/17/2012

last visited: 5/17/2012

Image for Pemberton Trout & Marron Hatcheryview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesPemberton Trout & Marron Hatchery

in Fish Hatcheries

Hatchery in the town of Pemberton, WA.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member sassainfl

location: Western Australia, Australia

date approved: 4/28/2012

last visited: 5/5/2013

Image for Cedarview Cooperative Trout Association - Allentown, PAview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesCedarview Cooperative Trout Association - Allentown, PA

in Fish Hatcheries

Cedarview Cooperative Trout Association is located in Cedar Creek Parkway West.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member Lightnin Bug

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 4/14/2012

last visited: never

Image for Nimbus Fish Hatchery, Gold River, Californiaview gallery
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Fish HatcheriesNimbus Fish Hatchery, Gold River, California

in Fish Hatcheries

This hatchery is a major educational and environmental center. The Nimbus Salmon and Steelhead Hatchery was constructed to replace the salmon and steelhead runs that were blocked by Nimbus and Folsom dams constructed in 1958.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member FolsomNatural

location: California

date approved: 3/24/2012

last visited: 5/16/2012

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